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Celebrity Tattoos

Roseanne Barr - When Roseanne Arnold divorced and became plain Roseanne Barr she had the tattoo "Property of Tom Arnold" removed on August 6, 1994 while surrounded by a small group of friends. She replaced it with an image of a pretty flying fairy and a couple of extra flowers. When Roseanne found a new boyfriend, talk show host David Letterman of the LATE SHOW responded "Roseanne is in love and engaged. She's being very cautious this time. She just had the guy's name penciled on her butt" She also had a tattoo of a rose prominently displayed on her upper left breast. Her former husband Tom Arnold had a Star of David and a portrait of his wife tattooed to the left side of his chest. He later underwent several tattoo-removal procedures to rid himself of these tattooed tributes of his former wife.

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