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Picture of a Green Buick Riviera like Ray Vecchio ownsDue South Car - Green 1971 Buick Riviera featured on the police drama DUE SOUTH/CBS/SYN/1994-98. Owned by Chicago police detective Ray Vecchio (David Marciano), this 1971 Riviera was a source of great pride (for reasons known only to him). Ray has been the owner of three such vehicles. He shot and blew up the first one to save himself and Fraser's (a Mountie) lives at the end of "The Man Who Knew Too Little," and the second one was destroyed in a car bomb meant for him (which tragically killed Det. Louis Gardino in the episode "Juliet is Bleeding").

In the third season episode "Burning Down the House" Ray's car is destroyed by a bomb when he hits his car horn. Engulfed in flames, the blazing vehicle was ditched into Lake Michigan. An excerpt from the episode "Wild Bunch" gives some insight on Ray's his fondness to his car:

  Ray: I thought we agreed not to talk about it?
  Fraser: No, of course, of course. The loss of a loved one is always a shock.


Fraser: No, I'm sorry, Ray. But I do understand. You would be hard pressed to find a finer example of Detroit's automotive engineering than the 1971 Riviera.  
Ray:  Enough! Okay? Enough. All right? You took the Riv. You drove it all over the countryside. You gave it to a convicted felon. You ran it into a ditch, and you forced me to blow it up. You've done enough.  
Fraser:  Lives were saved, Ray.  
 Ray: And yours was spared...I loved that car.

At the end of the episode, Ray was seen running through the streets at night following after a passing Buick Riviera shouting "Hey wait! Hey, stop! Police! Stop, stop! Hey, hey! Stop! Police!...555-2683...555-2683...555-2683! Hey, hey, wait up!" Ray's car was referred to as a 1972 Riviera in a couple of episodes. Ray's license plate numbers were RCW-139 and LCV 705.

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