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Kevin and Hank from GOING TO CALIFORNIA - Photo courtesy of ShowtimeGoing to California Car - The comedy-drama GOING TO CALIFORNIA/SHO/2001-2002 tells the story of two 20-something guys, Kevin "Space" Lauglin (Sam Trammell) and Henry "Hank" Ungalow (Brad Henke) who decide to leave their small New England town of Bishop Flats and head to California in Henry's red 1966 Buick Wildcat (License No. 693 LN8). Their traveling music: '70s rock tunes.

The boy's odyssey was inspired by the sudden departure of a guy in town called Cassidy Dunlop (Frank Sallo) who skipped out to Memphis after his girlfriend Lisa B. (Lindsay Sloane) dumped him.

But when Lisa B. visits the hardware store where Kevin and Henry work and declares she wants Cassidy back, Kevin and Henry realize this is the perfect chance to get away from their boring, dead-end life and find adventure on the road. So they load up their Wildcat and head West (more like Southwest) in search of Cassidy.

Along the way, Hank and Space travel through Tennessee, Arkansas,  Florida, Louisiana and Texas where they meet a weird cast of characters like:

  • a dude named Insect Bob (John Mallory Asher) who hooks up with the boys

  • Fighting Iris, a transvestite

  • a homicidal Elvis Presley impersonator

  • Roland, a side-show freak called "The Rhino Boy of Arkansas"

  • a group of Civil War enthusiasts re-enacting the "Battle of Raymond

  • the owner of Uncle Eddie's Sunny Time Nudist Camp

  • the "Mullet Lady," a woman that sells bait

  • the operators of Shangri-La Mansion where patients like "The Mummy Man" recover from plastic surgery

  • a voodoo shop owner and a wacky cult;

  • a Latino gangster who smuggles human cargo

  • an old school chum who's now living the life of a rock star in Austin, Texas.

The series finale found Space and Henry in a rural Texas town with Space suspected of murdering a local teenage girl and Space's ex-girlfriend Claire discovering she's pregnant. Looks like it's time to put the pedal to the metal, boys!... ("California, Here I Come...")

Cast of 'Going to California'
Cast of 'Going to California'

Model of Buick Wildcat

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