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Simpson's White Ford BroncoO.J. Simpson Bronco  - In June, 1994 former football legend, actor and broadcaster O. J. Simpson was implicated as the primary suspect in the brutal murders of his former wife Nicole Brown-Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman. In an attempt to escape prosecution, O. J. entered his 1993 white Ford Bronco and raced across Southern California freeways in hopes of eluding authorities. Simpson's friend A.C. Cowling drove the car.

The incident became part of a media frenzy as TV station coverage broadcast the event from the air to 95 million viewers who watched Mr. Simpson's Bronco lead the local police and the California Highway Patrol on a merry low-speed chase throughout the Southland. Under pressure to surrender, O. J. returned to his home where he was taken under custody. He was later found "not" guilty on October 3, 1995 in a controversial trial that made media celebrity's out of O.J.'s lawyer Johnny Cochran (died 2005) and opposing counsel Marcia Clark who prosecuted the case. Simpson was later found guilty in a "wrongful death civil suit" and ordered to pay nearly 40 million dollars in damages.

Later, A.C. Cowling made an offer with a Startifacts, a Minnesota-based corporation to "sell, assign, grant, transfer and convey" his rights to the Bronco for $75,000 (License 3DHY503). However, at the last minute Cowling backed out of the deal allegedly so he could get a better offer. Startifacts sued Cowling over the matter.

O.J. Simpson Mug Shoot

In May 2006, O.J. Simpson appeared in a one-hour pay-for-view TV special called JUICED, a candid-camera styled show (produced by Xtreme Entertainment Group) in the vein of Ashton Kutcher's MTV show PUNK'D. In one spot, O.J. tries to sell a white Bronco to an unsuspecting used-car lot customer. Talking up the infamous vehicle, Simpson quipped, "It was good for me--it helped me get away. It's a car that I personally made famous. The car has escape-ability if you ever into some trouble."

Of course, not everybody was amused with Simpson's attempt at humor. Fred Goldman, the father of the Ron Goldman, called the program "morally reprehensible."

TRIVIA NOTE: O. J. Simpson had appeared in a successful series of ad spots for Hertz rental car in which he is seen leaping over luggage and other airport obstacles in an effort to catch an airline flight. Ironically, after Simpson's arrest, Hertz stopped using athletes in their advertising campaigns.

In addition, because of Simpson's association with the Hertz rental car firm, his wife's murder trial spawned a number of Hertz related jokes, such as:

  • Did you hear about Hertz's new billboard?
    It's a picture of O.J. Simpson with a caption,
    "Hertz: For Great Getaways!"
  • Q: What was Nicole Simpson's last words?
    A: Stop, O.J.! It Hertz!
  • Q: Whatever drove O.J. to kill his wife?
    A: A Hertz Rent-A-Car.
  • I heard that O.J. lost his Hertz Rental Car endorsement contract, but he has a new endorsement offer. Taco Bell has hired him to "Run for the Border." [also the Chicago Cutlery and Ginsu Knives Company]
  • Who's hiring O.J. as a spokesman now?
    Hearse - Rent - A - Car.

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