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The Munster KoachMunster Koach - Combination stretch fiberglass drag racer and touring car (a.k.a. "The Munster Mobile") especially designed by George Barris (in only twenty-one days) for the occult comedy THE MUNSTERS/CBS/1964-66. Owned by Herman Munster, the Munster Koach's power train has a 30-inch Posi-Shift stick, four-on-the-floor 300 H.P. 289 Ford Cobra V-8 engine (from a 1966 Mustang GT) with Isky Cams, Jahns high-compression pistons, a Mickey Thompson long ram thrust manifold supplying 10 chrome-dipped Stromberg carburetors and Bobby Barr funnel racing headers.

Mounted on a 133-inch frame is a 6-door touring roadster with a 1927 Model-T bucket grafted to the rear end. Both were covered with 40 coats of high gloss black pearl paint.

The steering/suspension system includes a direct vertical steering, front dropped axles, split radius bars held by "T" spring (rear Z frame with Model "A" spring), master stabilizers and Mickey Thompson 11-inch wide rear racing slicks (Ansen Astro wheels trimmed with knock off hubs and walnut wood inserts and Pirelli snow donut tires on the front).

Exterior accents feature gold radiators, ornamental coffin handles on the hood, and spider web headlights with gas side lanterns. The coach's interior was decorated with diamond-shaped tufts and buttons, red velvet coffin liner and ermine rugs. One of the car's three compartments house a stereo tape recorder, Sony TV sets, an electric shoe polisher, a blender and two antique French phones.

The Munster Mobile, which reached a top speed of 150 M.P.H. (0-45 in 7.2 seconds, 0-60 in 10 seconds, 0-80 in 15.4 seconds), was created as a surprise birthday present for the character Herman Munster (Fred Gwynne).

Buying two cars (a roadster for $795; and a Hearse car for $943) from Diamond Jim's Used cars, Herman's wife, Lily Munster (Yvonne DeCarlo), had mechanics convert the two vehicles into the customized Munster Koach.

The nearly 20-foot car was once lost as the spoils of a racing competition until Grandpa Munster (Al Lewis) built his own drag racer called the "Drag-u-la" and won back the Munster Koach.

TRIVIA NOTE: Both the Munster Koach and the Drag-u-la were featured in the theatrical release Munster, Go Home (1966) wherein the Munster family inherited an English estate.

Once when Herman became a private investigator for the Kempner Detective Agency (Agent 702), he drove a hot rod with license plate HAJ-302 (on "Follow That Munster" episode).

A 1984 Car and Driver magazine article reported "Butch Patrick fondly remembers the time Fred Gwynne hijacked and drove it (the Munster Koach) down the freeway into the heart of Hollywood with the whole cast on board." See also - "The Drag-u-la

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