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Tanna and his Red '57 ThunderbirdDan Tanna's '57 T-Bird - Classic candy apple red T-Bird [Ford Thunderbird] convertible seen cruising the streets of Las Vegas on the detective drama VEGA$/ABC/1978-81. Owned by private detective Dan Tanna (Robert Urich), the flashy renovated convertible was equipped with a mobile phone and a .44 Magnum gun stored in the glove compartment. Tanna parked his car inside a spacious garage-like office located on the grounds of the Desert Inn and Country Club. His personalized license plate read: TANNA. There were two Thunderbirds used on the show: a "show" car for close ups and a "stunt" car  for street and chase scenes.

During a talk show interview, Robert Urich commented "That car got more fan mail than I did!" Reportedly, the cars used on the show were painted aqua blue for the film remake of Breathless (1980) with Richard Gere.

Model of Tanna's Car by Corgi
Corgi model car with Dan Tanna at the wheel

Robert Urich as Dan Tanna with his red '57 Thunderbird
Dan Tanna and his '57 Thunderbird

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