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Get Smart Car - Red Sunbeam Tiger convertible sports car issued to Control agent Maxwell Smart (Don Adams) on the espionage comedy series GET SMART/NBC/1965-70. During the second season Maxwell Smart got a blue Karman Ghia convertible. During the fifth season, Max drove a gold 1969 Opel GT sports car. On a few occasions, Max drove a white Mustang convertible.

Get Smart Tiger Sunbeam

Priced at $32,000, the CFB600 Sunbeam Tiger (License Plate No. D6-893) contained: 

  • a cigarette lighter (that doubled as a grenade)
  • ejector seat (activated by remote control or switch on dashboard)
  • exhaust pipe machine gun
  • tail pipe oil slick device
  • two 100-velocity, 50-caliber machine guns concealed in hood
  • radar scan and radar tracking device to track Control agent cars (activated by pulling light switch and turning it left)
  • radiator cap filled with poisonous gas
  • trunk (opened by dialing the plate numbers to CA44N)
  • smoke screen device.

Get Smart Tiger Sunbeam

TRIVIA NOTE: In episode No. 114. "Ironhand" (aired 3rd October 1969) while trying to prevent KAOS henchman Ironhand (Paul Richards) from getting "The Anti-Anti-Anti-Missile-Missile" plans, Maxwell Smart accidentally fires a mortar shell and completely destroys his gold Opel. But miracles upon miracles, in the scene shortly after that, Max pulls up to the Washington airport in the same car with no damage what so ever to the car.

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