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PATSY Awards - The animal equivalent of the "Oscars," the PATSY award (Picture Animal Top Star of the Year) was presented by Hollywood's office of the American Humane Association to human trained animal performers for noteworthy performances in TV and movies between 1951 and 1986 (when the award event closed due to lack of funding). The first PATSY ceremonies were held at Hollywood's Carthay Circle Theater.

The PATSY awards were divided into four categories: canine, equine, wild animal, and a special category which includes a variety of animals such as ravens, goats, and house cats.

The act of honoring performing animals originated with an accident which killed a horse during the filming of the western movie Jesse James (1939) starring Tyrone Powers. After that incident, the American Humane Association pushed for stricter standards in the handling of animals in the entertainment industry.

The first PATSY was given to Francis (a Mule) in Francis the Talking Mule in 1951. The second and third PATSYs that year went to California (a horse) for The Palomino; and Pierre (a chimp) in My Friend Irma Goes West.

Additional honors given to certain animals were the Awards of Excellence and The Craven Award, The Craven Award honored Richard C. Craven, the first director of the AHA. The award was bestowed to animals who excelled in training, rearing, jumping, falling or fighting.

PATSY Award Winners: 1950s;  1960s: 1970s: 1980s

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