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WJM-TVTeddy Awards - Regional broadcast journalism award featured on the sitcom THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW/CBS/1970-77. The annual presentation of the Teddy Awards brought much anticipation to the newsroom employees of WJM-TV (Minneapolis' lowest rated station) who secretly coveted winning this professional regional news award. The Teddy Awards first appeared on episode No. 9 "Bob and Rhoda and Teddy and Mary" broadcast 11/14/1970.

New anchor Ted Baxter (Ted Knight) won his first Teddy Award on episode "Ted Baxter Meets Walter Cronkite." that first aired Saturday, February 9, 1974.

When WJM's Sue Ann Nivens a.k.a. "The Happy Homemaker" (Betty White) won the local Teddy Award for her TV special "Cooking Fowl" she said, "I really don't deserve your lovely tribute. The real credit goes to Tom, an 18-pound Butterball turkey who gave his life so that I might stand her tonight and say, Thank You."

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