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Director's Guild of America LogoDirector's Guild of America Awards - Since 1971, the DGA has honored excellence in five categories of television direction including Comedy, Drama, Musical Variety, Documentaries and Specials. In 1977, the News/Special Reports and Best Director of the Year categories were added.

The DGA began in 1936 as the Screen Director's Guild with only 75 members who hoped to achieve proper recognition and creative freedom for their craft. By 1938, the SDG represented 95 percent of all Directors and Assistant Directors in Hollywood.

In 1948, George Marshall, the President of the Screen Directors Guild, began offering The DGA annual award ceremony to honor directors for their directorial achievement. Originally, there was only one annual prize. 

The first award to a "television" directors was bestowed in 1953 to Director Robert Flory and Assistant Director Bruce Fowler for their "Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Television" on the TV Movie "The Last Voyage."

In 1960, members of the Screen Directors and the Radio-TV Directors Guild (formed in 1947) merged to become the Director's Guild of America. Their group then represented some 3000+ directors, assistant directors and unit managers working in the TV radio and film industry.

In 1977, the Guild begins the most difficult film negotiations in its history, working to address economic inequities and obtain artistic rights. In 1998, The DGA successfully champions historic legislation in the US Congress that ensures that when films are transferred to new owners or distributors, directors, performers and writers are legally guaranteed payment of residuals as provided by their collectively bargained agreements.

As of 2006, The Directors Guild of America represents more than 12,000 members working in U.S. cities and abroad. Their creative work is represented in theatrical, industrial, educational and documentary films and television, as well as, videos and commercials.

Among the annual awards presented by the Director's Guild are the Annual Award for the Best Directorial Achievement; the DGA Student Academy Award (begun in 1990), the Preston Sturges Award for outstanding achievements in both writing and directing (Presented jointly with the WGAw); the WGAw/DGA Lifetime Achievement Award; the John Huston Award for Artists Rights, and the DGA Diversity Award honoring producers or employers in the industry who have demonstrated consistent commitment to and leadership in the hiring of women and ethnic minorities in DGA categories. In 2005, the DGA institutes a new Award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Reality Programs. 

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