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Berenstain Bear FamilyBerenstain Bears - The popular children's book characters created by Stanley & Janice Berenstain were the focus of this Saturday morning cartoon series THE BERENSTAIN BEARS/CBS/1985-87. Each half hour show contains two 12-minute episodes featuring the domestic adventures of the Berenstain Bear family: Papa Q Bear (Brian Cummings); Mama Bear (Ruth Buzzi); Brother (David Mendenhall) and Sister (Christine Lange); and Grizzly and Gran, the grandparents. They all lived in a split-level tree in Bear Country.

Their friends include Handybear Gus and Miss Honeybear the teacher. Locals Raffish Ralph (Frank Welker) and Weasel McGreed are the troublemakers in town.

The Berenstain Bears also appeared in a series of half-hour animated specials on the NBC network including The Berenstain Bears' Christmas Tree (1979); The Berenstain Bears Meet Big Paw (1980); The Berenstain Bears' Easter Surprise (1981); The Berenstain Bears' Valentine Special (1982); and The Berenstain Bears' Littlest Leaguer (1983).

The Berenstain Bears Cartoon Theme Song
(Sung to the tune of The Stars and Stripes Forever)

This way to Bear Country.
You’ll know when you’re there.
As soon as you enter,
You’ll feel like a bear.
A great grizzly bear,
A Berenstain Bear!

We are the Berenstain Bears
Mama, Papa, Sister, Brother
We appreciate each other
We live in a split-level tree
Mama, Papa, Sister, and me!
Snug as bugs in our split-level tree.

Here are more Berenstain Bears:
Actual Factual, Big Paw, Raffish Ralph,
Horace T. Honeypot, I’m the Mayor.
Lots, lots more - bears galore!

You may think that this starts our show… Well, it does!

TRIVIA NOTE: Philadelphia-based artists, Stanley and Janet Berenstain released their first book The Big Honey Hunt in 1962. Honey Bear, the Bear Family's newest female cub was introduced to the series in The Berenstain Bears and Baby Makes Five.

The husband-and-wife team wrote and illustrated approximately 250 books about the bears which were designed for children 4-8 years of age. Mr. Berenstain and his wife often produced 10 or more 32-page books a year, In 1996, however, Mr. Berenstain told The Post "But we can't solve all the world's problems in 32 pages."

On November 26, 2005, Stan Berenstain, died of complications from cancer at his home in Bucks County, Pa. He was 82. Stanley Berenstain was born Sept. 29, 1923, in Philadelphia.

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