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Hair Bear BunchHair Bear Bunch - Three wild bears featured on the Hanna Barbera cartoon HELP! IT'S THE HAIR BEAR BUNCH/NBC/1971-72. The Hair Bears consisted of Hair Bear, Square Bear and Bubi Bear. These hip streetwise characters lived in Cave Block Number Nine at the Wonderland Zoo. Their cave had a TV, refrigerator, pool table and a periscope disguised as a giraffe used to watch out for trouble.

Hair Bear (Daws Butler), the scheming leader of the bunch, sported a big gold Afro-style wig and ascot and was an expert on all the zoo's rules and regulations. Bubi Bear (Paul Winchell), the short one, spoke in gibberish that only his companions could understand him. And Square Bear (Bill Callaway), the slow-witted member of the group, was always looking for food to feed his insatiable appetite.

The Hair Bear's main mission in life was to escape the zoo and live it up in the outside world. But first they had to get past Mr. Eustace P. Peevly (John Stephenson) Curator of the Zoo ("Those bears are up to something!") and Botch (Joe E. Ross) his oafish, bumbling assistant ("Botch! Do something....!").

To escape the zoo, the bears used a number of methods including digging tunnels, slingshots over the wall, and disguised as departing visitors. The bears also owned an invisible motorcycle which came in handy to escape the approaching Mr. Pevly (a member of the "Establishment" who wanted to keep these fun-loving, hippy bears in their place).

Other occupants at the Zoo included Bananas, a Gorilla who loved bananas, Fur Face the lion, Hippy and Hercules, a pair of Hippos, Tip Toes the ostrich, Melvyn the Monkey and Rare Bear, the Hair Bear's hillbilly room-mate who stayed for a short time at the Zoo.

When the series aired in syndication in the USA, the cartoon was retitled THE YO YO BEARS.


In The Wonderland Zoo,
There are certain bears who,
Stay at home every night,
Never quarrel or fight,
Hey! We don't even bite!

So don't yell.
Help! Help! Here come the bears,
Help! Help! Here come the bears,
Help! Help! Here come the bears,
Lets split!
(Repeat last verse once)

Help! It's the Hair Bear Bunch!

Hair Bear Bunch

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