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Kwicky KoalaKwicky Koala - Speedy, cute little koala bear featured on the Hanna-Barbera cartoon production THE KWICKY KOALA SHOW/CBS/1981-82. This half-hour animated series follows the misadventures of an Australian marsupial named Kwicky Koala, a.k.a. "Quicky" (voice of Robert Allen Ogle) who encounters a cunning but bumbling adversary called Wilfred Wolf (voice of John Stephenson). But just as the starving Wilfred corners his prey, the zippy Kwicky always teleports out of sight.

The program also included the cartoon segments: CRAZY CLAWS, about a Groucho Marx like wildcat (voice of Jim MacGregor) chased by a schemer called Rawhide Clyde (voice of Robert Allen Ogle) and his mangy mutt companion Bristletooth (voice of Peter Cullen); DIRTY DAWG, a stray dog (voice of Frank Welker) and his his sidekick Ratso the Rodent (voice of Marshall Efron) who hangout at the city garbage dump; and THE BUNGLE BROTHERS about George and Joey (voices of Michael Bell and Allen Melvin), two beagle dogs who want to break into show business.

The Kwicky Koala character was developed by veteran MGM cartoonist Tex Avery right before he died in 1980.

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