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Roobear in the SurfRoobear - Courageous, playful koala bear (voice of Steven Bednarski) on the 26 episode half-hour cartoon series THE ADVENTURES OF THE LITTLE KOALA/NIK/1987-93. Roobear's lived in a magical land where fun, laughter and summer never ends and where Koalas show you how to fly a plane, catch a wave (Surf) or sail in a balloon.

Roobear's family included his parents Papa (Walter Massey), a photographer; Mama (Jane Woods), a housewife/plane pilot; and Roobear's bratty naive sister, Laura (Morgan Hallett).

Roo's animal friends were Pamie and Nick, the penguins; rabbits Floppy, who wears headphones and likes sports and his tag-along younger sister, Mimi; Betty, another koala; Duckbill, a platypus; Kiwi, a kiwi bird; Miss Lewis, a koala reporter; Weather, an old man who could forecast the weather, and Mingle, his gliding squirrel friend.

Disrupting Roobear's peaceful kingdom were the bullies known as the Dead End Kid kangaroos (Walter, Colt and Horsie).

The series was produced in Korea from 1987-88 by Cinar Films & Tohokushinsha Film Production. Its Asian title was "Koara bôi kokkî"

"Little Koala" Theme Song Lyrics

Brand new day,
Time to play with Roo Bear and his friends,
Where summer never ends.
Koalas show you how to fly a plane,
Catch a wave, there's nothing we won't try.
Lots to do, fun starts here with you and me.
Look up there, way up high, koalas in balloons.
Laughter's on it's way to you.
Laura, Nick and Roo, Mimi and Floppy too, waiting here for you.
Brand new day, time to play, with Roo Bear and his friends
The fun and laughter never ends. Koalas lead the way
On a sunny day.. we all love to play."

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