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Fernando - Light brown teddy bear seen on the sitcom GOLDEN GIRLS/NBC/1985-92. Fernando was a family heirloom of Rose Nylund (Betty White), a senior citizen living in Miami with three other elderly women. On episode #52 "Old Friends" roommate Blanche Devereaux (Rue McClanahan) mistakenly gave away Rose's treasured teddy bear to a rummage sale.

When she tried to retrieve it, a little red-haired girl named Daisy (Jenny Lewis) held the bear for ransom with a water pistol loaded with red ink. Earlier, Daisy had torn off one of Fernando's ears and returned it to Rose's house to show she meant business.

Later, when the kid came back to the house demanding cash for Fernando's release, Rose bluffed Daisy by telling her that maybe it was time for her and Fernando to part company. Then quick as she could, Rose snatched the bear from the kid's arms and threw Daisy out of the house.

Reminiscing about Fernando, Rose fondly recalled that whenever she was scared or down about something, she'd roll over and Fernando was always there to comfort her.

To keep Fernando in clothes, Rose made the bear its own wardrobe, including a tiny pair of blue denim bib overalls.

Blanche: She's just a child. You can't expect a child to give back a toy. You do understand that, don't you?
Rose: Cut the crap and get back the damn bear!

-- Episode # 62

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