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Buzz Beer BottleBuzz Beer - Microbrewery beer first seen on episode No. 22 "Buzz Beer" (5/8/96) on the sitcom THE DREW CAREY SHOW/ABC/1995-2004. When Drew Carey's department store looked like it might be bought out by a Dutch company, he began brewing beer as a sideline to made extra money. He called his brew "Buzz Beer" - a coffee-flavored beverage - and placed it for sale around the Cleveland area especially at the Warsaw Tavern where Drew hung out. Other partners in the Buzz Beer venture included Drew's close friends Lewis Kiniski (Ryan Stiles), Oswald Harvey (Dietrich Bader) and Kate O'Brien (Christa Miller).

To seal their business partnership, Drew and the gang wrote their mission statement on a piece of wood. It read: “4 Friend, 4 Ever, 4 Beer.” The official motto for their caffeinated brew is “Stay up and get drunk!“

Bottled in Cleveland, Ohio (in Drew's garage - land parcel 5039), each bottle of Buzz Beer contains 12 fluid oz (355ml) of beverage. The recipe for Buzz Beer is listed on its label: "Brewed from nature's choicest Grain, Malt, Hops Yeats, coffee bean and water."

The word "Buzz" not only means that Buzz Beer gives you a "Buzz" when you drink it, but also that it's the beer everyone's talking in "What's the buzz?"

Buzz Beer Label
Buzz Beer Label

When asked "How are sales?," Lewis replied "The combination of alcohol and caffeine should be addictive as heroin but so far the sales haven't born that out."

To promote Buzz Beer, Drew & associates were always coming up with crazy ideas to push their brew including the Buzz Dance where the dancer vibrated about as if they were zapped with a bolt of electricity; awarding a free date to the person who had the lucky bottle cap (with Kate as the reluctant prize); covering a felon with Buzz Beer stickers to get free advertising when the police came to take him away; and hiring local neighborhood children to bottle and deliver Buzz Beer (Lewis and Oswald's idea). Oswald and Lewis also put Drew's picture and phone number on Buzz Beer bottles in the hopes of landing him a wife.

Lewis also was responsible for accidentally tainting a special batch of green St. Patrick's Day beer with a "sex drug" that he brought home from DrugCo. It made everyone at the Warsaw Tavern amorous including Drew, who later went to a court appearance and made a pass at all the women in the courtroom (the judge included). Drew was at court to testify as a witness in Mimi's sexual harassment case. The case was dismissed. (Order in the court! I'll have what he's drinking). Speaking of cases, Lewis and Oswald also started a website called but were arrested in a sting operation when they inadvertently sold beer to minors.

To market Buzz Beer at a local expo Lewis and Oswald set up a giant mug of beer. Unfortunately, it springs a leak and Lewis dives in to plug the hole in the mug. Seizing the moment, the gang promotes Lewis as "Beer Boy" and encourage customers to pay for photos with him.

Another expo marketing fiasco occurred when Lewis signed out a beer-drinking bear from his pharmaceutical research company (Drugco) as a mascot for the event. Unfortunately, The beer steals their delivery truck and rides it all over town. Luckily, the guys finally corral the bear after it thinks that Mimi is the bear's old circus trainer (a clown). Following Mimi back to the expo, the bear proved to be a big success until Lewis took a flash photo that drove the bear crazy (a la "King Kong").

To increase their profits, Drew hired a pro wrestler named The Disciplinarian as the company spokesperson. Unfortunately, Kate dates the man, and continually gets him drunk. They end up naked in a fountain in Las Vegas. The Disciplinarian later denounces Buzz Beer while on camera for ruining his competitive edge. But all was not lost. Buzz Beer's popularity grew and profits increased because everyone wanted to try the beer that could "kick The Disciplinarian's ass!"

In 1997, with profits down, Drew and the gang decided to go out of business. To celebrate, they throw a big party ("Drewstock") with free beer which attracted just about everyone in Cleveland. The party popularized Buzz Beer so much that it saved the company and Drew and his partners decided to stay in business.

A few years later Kate O'Brien sold her shares in Buzz Beer to Drew's sister-in-law Mimi Bobeck Carey (Kathy Kinney) to settle a gambling debt. Of course, Drew hated the deal, but had to live with it. Other partners in the business included Drew's next-door neighbors Greg and Janet Clemens, who helped Drew keep his business going by investing in the company so Drew could replace their primary beer tank that exploded.

Buzz Beer's major competition was a beer named Cap-Beer-Cino (a knock off of Drew's beer) that was made by preppie entrepreneur Chris Vanderkamp (Ed Begley, Jr.). He hired Rachel Hunter as a spokes-model. To sabotage their campaign, Drew replaces Rachel Hunter's face on their beer ads with picture of Mimi. When Cap-Beer-Cino finds its way into the Warsaw tavern, Drew rallies the locals to support his homegrown beer over an outside company with no real ties to the community.

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