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Big Bird from SESAME STREETBig Bird - Eight-feet tall Muppet canary with yellow feathers, yellow beak, and orange legs bedecked with red rings seen on the children's program SESAME STREET/PBS/1969+. Big Bird (Carroll Spinney, the human puppeteer inside the costume) lives at 123 and 1/2 Sesame Street. His best friends are an elephant-like creature called Snuffelupagus and an oversized dog named Barkley.

Popular throughout the world, Big Bird is known by many names and colors. In France on I, RUE SESAME Big Bird is known as Toccata, a green furry bird with a red beak and bushy black eyebrows. In Mexico, Big Bird is called Paco, a white furry singing parrot, wearing a serape on PLAZO Se'SAMO. And in Spain on BARRIO SESAMO, Big Bird is Caponata, a female bird with big eyelashes, striped legs and foam feathers of red, yellow and orange.

Big Bird's birthday is March 20th. He was officially four years old until 1991 when he turned six. Little Bird, another character on the program, celebrates his birthday on December 17th.

Big Bird also appeared on the TV special Big Bird in China;  in The Muppet Movie (1979); and  Sesame Street Presents Follow That Bird (1985). See also DEATH - "Mr. Hooper" 

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