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Freshup FreddieFreshup Freddie - Cocky animated rooster representative of the 7-Up Beverage Company in the 1950s who gave lessons on how to plan successful parties and picnics by having plenty of 7-Up on hand. Fresh-Up Freddie was the personification of 7-Up's happy slogans "Fresh-Up with 7-Up," "You Like It, It Likes You" and "Nothing Does It Like 7-Up." Freddie dressed in human clothing and sometimes wore a derby, bow tie, vest, slacks, spats, and garter band on his sleeve.

The Leo Burnett Agency created the Fresh-Up Freddie ad campaign in 1957. By 1958, Freddie made his debut on the popular Disney TV series "Zorro." The Disney artists modeled Freddie's cartoon image after the rooster Panquito from the Disney movie Three Caballeros." Freddie was supposedly name in honor of Seven-Up bottler Fred Lutz Jr.

TRIVIA NOTE: The 7-Up soft drink was introduced in 1929 as "Bib Label Lithiated Lemon Lime Soda." Nowadays its just called "The Uncola"  (because it lacks the brownish coloring used in Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola products).

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