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Chick & Duck - FRIENDSJoey's Chick - On the third season episode No. 21 "The One with a Chick, and a Duck" on the sitcom FRIENDS/NBC/1994-2004, Joey Tribbiani (Matt LaBlanc) hears a TV anchorwoman reporting on Easter animals bought for children. The report read: "While most of us think of chocolate bunnies and baskets as traditional Easter gifts. Some people insist on giving live chicks as presents. Unfortunately, the sad fact remains that most of these little guys won't live to see the fourth of July. Because of, as a result of improper care, they will be dead." [Joey then jumps on the phone to call a pet store.] "Yeah, hi. You guys got any of those baby chicks? 'Cause I was watching this ah, commercial on TV and man, those guys are cute!"

A short time later, Joey brings home a baby chick to show to his roommate Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry). When friend Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow) sees the chick she informs Joey "Okay, well they are a huge responsibility, especially at this age. They require constant care. They-they need just the right food, and lot's and lot's of love." Enthusiastically, Joey picks up the chicks holds it to his side and talks to it. His roommate looks at Joey and says "Easy Lenny" (a reference to the Lenny character in the novel "Of Mice & Men" by John Steinbeck).

Later, while Chick-sitting Chandler tries to determine the sex of the chick by blowing away its feathers but has no success because "it" went back in too quickly.

Chandler and Joey soon realize they both have been fighting a lot more than they used too ever since they got the bird and decide maybe "we weren't ready to have a chick."

The next day Chandler returns the chick, but after finding out the tiny critter might be killed if it wasn't purchased by somebody else, he brings the chick home but not before rescuing a baby duck, as well.

Joey and Chandler then decide to become parents to these two fowls and raise them to the best of their abilities (in between such incidents like when Chandler ran into his neighbors apartment shouting "Do you guys know how to get a chick out of a VCR?!").

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