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Dynamo DuckDynamo Duck - A cute little yellow duck that starred in the 1991 Saturday morning children's espionage program THE ADVENTURES OF DYNAMO DUCK on the Fox Network.

Dynamo Duck is a super secret agent who battles the likes of the sinister Dr. Mortex, (a small monkey) with the aid of his super agent chief, (a guinea pig). His monotone Robert Stack like voice is provided by Dan Castellaneta (the voice of THE SIMPSONS Homer Simpson).

The animal footage used on the series actually came from the archives of Jean Touran, "the French Walt Disney" who spent much of his career filming small animals who wandered around miniature sets dressed in tiny costumes and performing stunts like skiing down snowy slopes or driving a Jeep through the Egyptian desert.

Producer Nathan Sassover bought the unedited footage, wrote new stories and created this delightful little animal adventure program. Dynamo's motto is "The world is my pond and danger is my destiny."

TRIVIA NOTE: The Canadian produced children's series Tales of the Riverbank and Further Tales of the Riverbank (1960-63 & 1992) featured fifteen-minute adventures of two real animal friends: Hammy (a Hamster) and Roderick (a white Mouse) who lived along a riverbank with their neighbors- a chipmunk, a frog, a guinea pig, a Raccoon, a squirrel, a toad, a weasel and a skunk. The Tales of The Riverbank and its sequel series was narrated by Johnny Morris.

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