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Chilly Willy - Adorable, mute cartoon character who debuted in the animated theatrical short "Chilly Willy" (1953) created by Walter Lantz.

Chilly Willy

In each cartoon, Chilly Willy is lost or being chased by some hungry animal that wants to eat him. But all Chilly wants to do is find a place to stay warm and toasty. At the end of each cartoon, he triumphs over adversity and finds himself heading back home to the South Pole.

During his travels, Chilly sports a red wool cap tipped with a yellow pom-pom and the traditional tuxedo-like black skin and white coloring. He waddles with a stiff-legged gate akin to the silent movie star Charlie Chaplin. When Chilly cried, tiny little ice cubes poured from his eyes.

The Chilly Willy character has appeared with such cartoon greats as Woody Woodpecker and Andy Panda. and have been drawn by such legendary artists as Walter Lantz, Tex Avery, and Alex Lovy. The last cartoon in the series was called "The Rude Intruder" It was produced for Universal Studios in 1972. The Chilly Willy cartoon "I'm Cold" earned an Academy Award nomination on November 29, 1954.

The Chilly Willy cartoons have been aired on television and his character pops up in contemporary cartoon shows from time to time. Chilly Willy also appeared in a series of nine Four Color Comics, produced by Dell Comics and published between 1956 and 1962.

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