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Theodore TugboatTheodore Tugboat  - Cheery tugboat featured on the award-winning animated maritime series THEODORE TUGBOAT/PBS/1998. Berthed in the magical Big Harbor, Theodore ("the friendliest tugboat in the world") works for the The Great Ocean Tug and Salvage Company fleet.

Theodore shared adventures with his tugboat buddies: Emily the Vigorous, the most knowledgeable about what goes on in the harbor; George the Valiant, a large, impatient tugboat with a take charge attitude and a deep whistle; Foduck the Vigilant, the technical one of the group who is outfitted with fire-fighting gear; Rebecca the Research Vessel, with whom Theodore has a crush; and Hank, the smallest tugboat who is willing to do anything, anytime.

Theodore's other acquaintances included Barrington Barge, Bonnavista Barge, Benjamin Bridge, Bedford Buoy, Donald Dock and The Dispatcher who runs The Great Ocean Tug & Salvage Company.

The only human on the series is the Harbor Master (played by Denny Doherty of the Mamas and the Papas) who is responsible for the safe and orderly conduct of the activities in the harbor.

Each program (which contains three short stories) is introduced and concluded by the Harbor Master who applies the lessons of each story to his own life.

TRIVIA NOTE: Cochran Entertainment, which produced the THEODORE TUGBOAT series for pre-school children, commissioned a life-sized replica of Theodore Tugboat (nicknamed “Theodore Too”) to satisfy the many requests for the character's personal appearances.

According to Cochran Entertainment, the Halifax, Nova Scotia-based producer of family programming, the Theodore vessel is "committed to helping children and families be safe while having fun in and on the water."

Theodore is also the "spokes boat" and official Ambassador of the National Safe Boating Council (NSBC). As Theodore says, "Be Boat Smart From The Start. Wear Your Life Jacket!"

Theodore at Boston Sail 2000
Theodore Too on Tour

Built at Snyder's Shipyard in Dayspring, near Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, the Theodore Too boat was fitted with large, movable cartoon eyes and a big red baseball cap.

Designed by two Nova Scotians, Fred Allen and naval architect Marius Lengkeek, the ocean-going Theodore Tugboat ran with the help of a captain and two full-time crew members.

The twenty-meter-long (65 feet), seven-meter-wide (22 foot), 105-ton vessel was powered by a 400-horsepower Caterpillar 3406 turbocharged diesel engine. It carries enough fuel for a cruising range of about 800 miles.

The boat's face (with hydraulically controlled blinking eyes), hat and smokestack were made of fiberglass.

The $1 million dollar tug debuted in Boston Harbor joining the Tall Ships during Sail Boston 2000 from July 11-16 and also made an appearance in the Washington area to commemorate National Transportation Week and National Maritime Day. “Theodore Tugboat” appeared twice on the NBC-TV Emmy-winning Rosie O’Donnell Show.

Theodore Too was captained by Bill Stewart (aka Captain Jerome), a veteran tugboat captain with over 25 year’s experience who spent nine years as a 44-foot motor lifeboat coxswain in the Canadian Coast Guard.  

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