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Gardner McKay at the helm for Oasis Cigarettes AdTiki - Eighty-five foot schooner (with a temperamental engine called "The Lady") on the maritime adventure ADVENTURES IN PARADISE/ABC/1959-62. The Tiki was owned by Captain Adam Troy (Gardner McKay), a Korean War veteran who took up shipping cargo and transporting passengers among the islands of the South Pacific. The Tiki anchored in Papeete Harbor in Tahiti. The ship's radio call sign was KAMU.

Troy's partner was Oliver Lee (Weaver Levy), a seagoing Chinese-American. Assisting them was Clay Baker (James Holden), the First Mate later replaced by Chris Parker (Guy Stockwell).

With the exception of a few real shots of the Tiki plying the South Seas, most of the series was shot on the back lot of 20th Century Fox. The series pilot was created by noted novelist, James Michener.

Crew of the Tiki

TRIVIA NOTE: The Tiki was originally called the Pilgrim which was built for the American yachtsman adventure Donald C. Starr by boat designer John Alden. Starr sailed the Pilgrim around the world from Boston Massachusetts in 1932. The story of his voyage can be found in the book "The Schooner Pilgrim's Progress." The Pilgrim is featured in article "The Pilgrim sails the Seven Seas," written by Harold Peters in the August 1937 issue of National Geographic magazine

Over the yeas the Pilgrim (later named Tiki) has been owned by a number of different groups including

  • Christian Science Church, which sold her at auction to the actor Lewis Stone, the Judge Hardy of the Andy Hardy movies (who turned it over to the Coast Guard in WWII);
  • used as a sport fishing barge off Redondo Beach, California after the war
  • purchased by Harry S. McGill or Wilmington, California who refurbished the boat and used it as a family getaway vessel (he leased the boat to 20th Century Fox for various film including Sealed Cargo (1951) and Pearl of the South Pacific (1955)
  • Gardner McKay, the star of ADVENTURES IN PARADISE;
  • Folksinger Glenn Yarborough purchased the boat in 1965 and refitted the vessel as a Charter boat that cruised the Virgin Islands
  • "Seven Seas Sailing Club of New York" purchased the boat and sailed it in "Operation Sail" during the 1976 Bicentennial.

The Tiki met its demise in the Grenadine Islands off the island of Bequia in Admiralty Bay during Hurricane Allen in August 1980.

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