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Thunder in ParadiseThunder - Hi-tech 43-foot speedboat on THUNDER IN PARADISE/SYN/1994-95. Thunder was a prototype Scarab vessel built for the military by Randolph J. "Hurricane" Spencer (Terry "Hulk" Hogan), a former Navy SEAL.

Sporting a splash of yellow paint - that spelled out the word 'Thunder" on both sides of the vessel - the battle-ship grey super boat featured such gadgetry as a sophisticated onboard "talking" computer (voice of Russ Wheeler), missile launchers; a stealth mode that made the boat invisible to radar and sonar; an anti-theft system that gave violators an electrical shock (a la Captain Nemo's futuristic submarine in the 1954 Disney movie 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea); and high speed engines that zoomed over water (Hydra-Thrust) at speeds approaching 500 mph.

With the assistance of his Vietnam veteran buddy Martin "Bru" Brubaker (Chris Lemmon), Hurricane hired his boat out to interested clients for a mere $5,000 a day plus expenses.

Thunder in Paradise

Thunder in Paradise

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