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I Hate Kathie Lee Gifford Book - Written by Gary Blake and Robert W. Bly, this scathing but hilarious book was filled with 100 pages of jokes directed at the co-host of the popular syndicated morning talk show REGIS AND KATHIE LEE.

'I Hate Kathie Lee Grifford' Book Cover

Subjects of ridicule in the book include Kathie Lee, her husband, Frank "I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up" Gifford, and their youngsters, Cody and Cassidy (often spoken about on her show).

Examples of jokes included "Kathie Lee thinks 'downsizing' is when you go from size 8 to size 6." and "Why did Kathie Lee marry Frank Gifford?" Answer: "Bob Hope was already in a relationship."

A sample page from a "Fictional" day planner included the notations "Give Frank enema" and "Make out weekly payroll to sweatshop workers."

According to an article in the National Enquirer (3/25/97) Kathie Lee was so mad over the nasty jokes in the book that she "ordered assistants to buy up copies to keep it from the public."

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