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Jessica Fletcher Novels - Mystery novelist Jessica Fletcher (Angela Lansbury) is a widowed English teacher and amateur sleuth living in the small Maine town of Cabot Cove on the detective drama MURDER, SHE WROTE/CBS/1984-96.

Angela Lansbury as Jessica Fletcher

The central character in her novels is Damian Sinclair, a fictional thief similar to Leslie Charteris' character "The Saint." and frequent lead fictional characters Inspector Dison and Inspector Gelico.

On the premiere episode "The Murder of Sherlock Holmes", her first novel "The Corpse Danced at Midnight" is mentioned (Psst! the Ballerina did it!).

During the life of the series, the following other works by Jessica were revealed:

  • Ashes, Ashes, Fall Down Dead (Ep.156)

  • The Belgrade Murders (Ep.67)

  • Calvin Canterbury's Revenge (Ep.73)

  • A Case of a Half of Murder (Ep.261)

  • The Corpse at Vespers (Ep.188)

  • The Corpse Danced at Midnight (Ep. 1, 4, 29, 66, 184, 207, 227, etc.)

  • The Corpse Wasn't There

  • The Crypt of Death (Ep. 199)

  • The Dead Must Sing (Ep. 207)

  • Dirge for a Dead Dachsund (Ep. 23)

  • The Killer Called Collect (Ep. 29)

  • A Killing At Hastings' Rock (a virtual reality computer program created by Marathon Images, Inc. based on a story written by Jessica)

  • The Launch (Ep.222)

  • Lover's Revenge (Ep.14)

  • The Messenger at Midnight (Ep.162)

  • Murder at the Asylum (Ep. 73)

  • Murder at the Digs (Ep. 33)

  • Murder at the Ridge Top (Ep. 77)

  • Murder Comes to Maine (Ep.87)

  • Murder on the Amazon (Ep.13)

  • Runaway to Murder (Ep. 234)

  • Sanitarium of Death (Ep.68)

  • The Stains on the Stairs (Ep.64)

  • Stone Cold Dead (Ep.212)

  • The Triple Crown Murders (Ep. 188, 202)

  • The Uncaught (Ep.205, 208)

  • The Umbrella Murders (Ep. 28, 207)

  • Venomous Valentine (Ep.248)

  • Yours Truly, Damian Sinclair.

Jessica Fletcher looking for clues
Jessica looking for clues

Jessica later moved to New York City to be near her publisher (Covington House Press, Manhattan) and to teach criminology at Manhattan University.

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