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Broadcast Firsts

Marriages - The first wedding telecast occurred on October 14, 1928 at a radio station in Des Plaines, Illinois. Kansas City residents Cora Dennison and James Fowlkes were married by Reverend Gustave A. Klenle at St. Luke's Evangelical Church.

The week of December 13th, 1985 saw the birth of television's (supposedly) first on-air proposal. NBC sportscaster Ahmad Rashad proposed to sweetheart Phylicia Ayers Allen (of THE BILL COSBY SHOW) on live network sportscast.

The former top NFL pass receiver for the Minnesota Vikings turned TV Sportscaster was introduced to Phylicia (who accepted) by Bill Cosby. Both being TV personalities, the medium of television was a natural backdrop for such an occasion. However, considering that the networks operate with the permission of the FCC and the airwaves are public property, this may create a rush for equal time by thousands of Americans. The result might be the creation of a separate network "The Proposal Channel."

TRIVIA NOTE: Born Robert Earl Moore, Ahmad Rashad renamed himself in 1973 when he converted to Islam (People Weekly 12/16/85 p. 64-65).

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