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"Jane, please, not in front of the men!" - Admonishment of frontier cavalry Captain Wilton Parmenter (Ken Berry) to beautiful marriage-minded "Wrangler" Jane Angelica Thrift (Melody Patterson) when she tried to kiss him during episodes of the western comedy F TROOP/ABC/1965-67.

"Jane, stop this crazy thing!" - Uttered by George Jetson (voice of George O'Hanlon) in the closing credits of the futuristic cartoon THE JETSONS/CBS/1962-63. At the end of each episode, George goes outside his apartment to walk his dog Astro on an automated dog-walkway. When it speeds up and goes haywire, George screams for Jane's help.

"Jerk! Jerk! Jerk!" - Popular phrase chanted by the rowdy audience members of the controversial 1980s syndicated talk show HOT SEAT starring Wally George (the father of actress Rebecca De Mornay). At the beginning of each show, the camera panned the audience which cheered on their ultra-conservative talk show host by yelling "Wal-lee! Wal-lee! Wal-lee!" As the show continued Wally read letters to the show that featured such sentiments as "You and your show both STINK!!" Before Wally could finished reading the letter,, the audience began chanting "Jerk!, Jerk! Jerk!" To keep the audience in a frenzy Wally regularly featured guests who advocated abortion, homosexuality, or nude dancing. He once ejected a guest off the show who said "the Bible was the work of the Devil"; and when an ex-marine who opposed the US invasion of Grenada got under Wally's skin he shouted "Get the hell out of my studio." The man promptly overturned Wally's desk as he left the set. Of course, the audience went wild. "Jerk! Jerk! Jerk!"

"Just the facts, Ma'am" - Phrase popularized by actor Jack Webb when he played Sergeant Joe Friday, a poker-faced Los Angeles homicide detective on the police drama DRAGNET/NBC/1952-59/1967-70. When searching for clues to a case, Friday kept his interviews short and to the point by requesting people to give "Just the Facts." TRIVIA NOTE: Sergeant Friday's famous police badge NO. 714 was encased in a clear block of Lucite and then put on display at the Los Angeles Police Academy. When Jack Webb died of a heart attack in 1982 at the age of sixty-two, the flags at the LAPD headquarters flew at half-staff. In the classic 1953 parody St. George and the Dragonet written by jokester Stan Freberg, a medieval knight proclaims "This is the countryside - my name is St. George – I'm a knight – Saturday, July tenth, 8:05 PM - I was working out of the castle on the night watch when the call came in from the chief – a dragon had been devouring maidens – homicide – my job – slay him!"

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