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Eek the CatEek the Cat - Lisping, wisecracking purple cat on the Saturday morning (later weekday) cartoon EEK! THE CAT/FOX/1992-96, and its retitled versions EEK! THE CAT AND THE TERRIBLE THUNDER LIZARDS and EEK! STRAGANZA. Eek! (voice of Bill Kopp) lives in the town of McTropolis with a friendly family that includes Mom and her spoiled, whiney children, Wendy Elizabeth and J.B. Their favorite TV shows is The Squishy Bearz Rainbow of Enchanted Fun Minute which Eek! enthusiastically watches while sitting on their sofa. Eek! hates bug, but otherwise, he is big-hearted and is willing to help most anyone.

Eekss animal acquaintances included Annabelle, his fat girlfriend with a yellow bow in her hair (fur); Sharkey, a mean (half-shark) neighborhood dog who likes to chase Eek; and visiting Elmo the Elk who uses his brother Timmy as a sympathetic vehicle to recruit victims for his latest scam. Eek never talked to his immediate family, but while on the street he had many conversations and adventures.

Using his fanciful imagination, Eek met aliens, pirates and once, he even went deep sea diving in his swimming pool and discovered an entire undersea civilization. Eek!'s catchphrases are "It never hurts to help" (but it usually does) and "Kum-Baya!"

TRIVIA NOTE: The word "Kum-baya" is West Indies slang for "Come By Here." The phrase is heard in the popular gospel song "Come by here, Lord."

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