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Sylvester CatSylvester the Cat - Lisping black alley cat with white belly and red nose who starred in numerous Warner Brothers cartoons. Sylvester's favorite line was "Thufferin' Thuccotash!" (voice of Mel Blanc). He made his debut in Life With Feathers (1945). Sylvester's son, Junior was introduced in Pop!, I'm Pop (1950).

In many of his cartoons, Sylvester's greatest challenge is to catch Tweety Pie, a small yellow canary who always says "I tawt I taw a puddy cat." Sylvester and Tweety first met in the Academy Award winning cartoon Tweetie Pie (1947).

Other cartoon antagonists to taunt the scrawny kitty cat were Speedy Gonzales the Mexican mouse; Hippety Hopper the Kangaroo, and the stuttering Porky Pig.

The animated figure of Sylvester was based on the jowly executive producer Johnny Burton. Because of the "spitty" nature of the Sylvester character, Mel Blanc recalled in his autobiography "That Not All Folks" (Warner Books, 1988) that when he finished reading during the voice recording sessions the scripts and his fellow actors were frequently covered with saliva. He suggested "to actress June Foray who played Tweety's vigilant owner Granny, that she wear a raincoat to the sessions" See also - BIRDS:"Tweety Pie"

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