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Kit the CatKit the Cat - Enchanted Siamese cat that lived in the San Francisco home of the Halliwell Sisters (a.k.a. The Charmed Ones) on the occult drama CHARMED/WB/1998-2006. In the world of witchcraft, Kit was known as a "Familiar" who was an enchanted creature "who follows and guides new witches to protect them while they learn the craft. While they are often cats, other animals like dogs, rabbits, horses and snakes can be familiars as well..."

Dangling from Kit's neck was a medallion with the insignia of the Triquetra, a magical symbol and talisman that represents the "Power of Three" of the Halliwell Sisters: Prudence "Prue" (Shannon Doherty), Phoebe (Alyssa Milano), Piper (Holly Marie Combs) and later Paige Mathews (Rose McGowan), a long-lost sister who replaced Prue after she was killed by a demon.

During her stay at Halliwell Manor, Kit helped the Charmed Ones in a number of situations and even walked in on Piper and Leo while they were showering.

During the episode "Painted World" two of the Halliwell's sisters (Piper and Prue) read the Latin phrase "Absolvo Amitto Amplus Brevis - Semper Mea" ("To free what is lost, Say these words - Mine Forever") on an old painting and were sucked into the framed picture. To extricate her siblings from the painting, Phoebe used Kit to carry a reversal spell inside.

Throughout the earlier episodes, Kit was called both "male" and "female." A definite "she" episode was "Dream Sorcerer" when horny tomcats were pursuing Kit (but then again it was San Francisco).

Finally on episode "Cat House," the ambiguity of Kit's gender was addressed when Kit appeared as a human female named Katrina (Marita Geraghty). In the episode's first scene, Kit as Katrina feeds a bunch of cats in her own house. Suddenly, a stalking Warlock attacks Katrina. In the scuffle, the Warlock rips off her necklace which falls to the floor. The necklace held a circular charm with a Triquetra on it. The following excerpts help explain the story of Katrina (a.k.a. Kit) and where she's been for the last few years. (Note: The cat used in this episode was a different cat. Reportedly, the original one died. And hey, since Kit was Siamese, it would have been nice to make Katrina Asian instead of Caucasian.)

Kit the Cat - CHARMED

Episode 106 "Cat House (04/13/2003)

PAIGE:  (reading) "Enchanted creatures who follow and guide new witches to protect them while they learn their craft...."
PHOEBE: (to KIT) Hey, is there something you haven't been telling me?  Huh, Kit? (KIT meows.)  Hey, don't you kiss up to me.  Answer the question.
PAIGE: You sure you didn't know about this?
PHOEBE: What, that kit was our familiar?  No, we just thought she was this cat that we found on the porch.
PAIGE: Better hope the warlock doesn't get her in the past, otherwise our future ...
PHOEBE: ... is screwed.


(PIPER walks into the room carrying a tray of refreshments.  LEO stands off to the side.  PHOEBE, KATRINA (in human form) and PAIGE sit on the couch.)

Paige: Are you sure I can't get you anything?  Coffee? Tea?  A saucer of milk? (PHOEBE laughs at the joke.)  PIPER puts the tray down on the coffee table.)
PHOEBE: Good one. 
KATRINA: No, I'm fine. (deadpans) Although, I wouldn't mind some kibble. If
you've got some. (PIPER stares at KATRINA.  She's absolutely speechless.  KATRINA holds it for as long as she can.  She breaks out into a smile.)
PIPER: That's not funny. (PHOEBE laughs at the joke.)
PAIGE: It's a little funny.
PIPER:  No.  See, you didn't live with her for three years.  (to KATRINA)  And by the way, what was with the scratching of my bedpost?  What was that?
KATRINA: I had to keep my nails sharp.
PIPER: Yeah. See, that's just very creepy. (PIPER turns to sit down.)
LEO: Well, at least we know how important she (Kit) was as your familiar and how painful things could have been without her.
PHOEBE: I'm just glad to finally know who you are.  I mean, it makes it easier
to understand why you ran away.  You know, as a cat.
KATRINA: You didn't need me anymore.  And once The Charmed Ones were
reconstituted, it was time for me to move on.
PAIGE:  Don't you mean moving up?  You know, complete the evolutionary cycle and all? (PAIGE laughs.)
LEO: Yeah, only special familiars, like Katrina, are rewarded for their service by becoming human.
KATRINA: To guide other familiars. That's why the warlock was after me. Take out familiars, and you leave their witches defenseless, vulnerable.
PHOEBE: It's a good thing you've got nine lives. That's all I have to say. Although, you're probably down to your last seven or eight, so...
KATRINA: I'll watch my back. Well, I gotta get going. I've got a hungry
litter waiting for me. (KATRINA stands up and looks in on WYATT in the bassinet.  WYATT'S awake and cute as a button.)
KATRINA: Will you call me when he comes into his powers? (PIPER nods her head. KATRINA turns to look at them with a smile on her face.) 
KATRINA: Blessed be. (KATRINA departs)

TRIVIA NOTE: You may remember the woman who played Katrina (a.k.a. Kit) from a classic SEINFELD episode 602 "The Big Salad" when comedian Jerry Seinfeld discovers he is dating a woman (Marita Gerahty) whom Newman rejected.

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