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Kimba the White LionKimba the White Lion - A powerful, rare white lion (voice of Billie Lou Watt) who protected his jungle kingdom from sinister forces on the cartoon adventure KIMBA, THE WHITE  LION/SYN/1966 (the first color TV animation series created in Japan). The Japanese title for the series is "Janguru Taitei" translated "Jungle Emperor". 

Before Kimba was born, his father Caesar was killed by hunters and his mother, Snowene was captured and shipped overseas. Kimba was born during the long voyage, but his mother died when the ship sank. Kimba survived and was rescued by humans.

Eventually, Kimba returned to Africa and using his new found knowledge that not all humans were evil, Kimba tried to maintain a tentative peace between humans and the other animals in his African kingdom.

Kimba's friend's included Kitty, Kimba's girlfriend; and Dan'l Baboon, Kimba's mentor and advisor. Kimba's nemesis was Claw, a villainous lion who wanted to take over Kimba's kingdom with the help of Cassius, Claw's evil black panther advisor.

The 52 episode 30-minute series was produced by Japanese Mushi Corporation.  A sequel produced in 1966 by Osamu Tezuka called LEO THE LION chronicled Kimba as an adult. An updated version of the original series (with new voices and theme song) hit the market in 1994.

The Kimba series is based on a the original "Jungle Emperor" story that first appeared in the 1950 issue of Manga Shonen (Comic Boy) magazine. Many people believe that Disney's 1994 'Lion King' feature film is an obvious  rip-off of the "Jungle Emperor" storyline. The name "Kimba" in Japanese translates to "Leo."

Kimba and His Animal Friends


Kimba (Kimba)
Kimba (Kimba)
Kimba (Kimba)
Kimba (Kimba)

Who lives down in deepest darkest Africa? (Africa)
Who's the one who brought the jungle fame?
Who's the king of Animals in Africa?
Kimba the white lion is his name!

When we get in trouble and we're in a fight
Who's the one who just won't turn and run?
Who believes in doing good and doing right?
Kimba the white lion is the one!

He's the greatest leader, there's no doubt of it.
He's the one we count on night and day.
When there's danger he can get us out of it--
Kimba the white lion leads the way!

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