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Toonces the Cat -  Shaggy grey tabby cat (played by a puppet & a real cat) seen on skits from the weekend comedy show SATURDAY NIGHT LIGHT LIVE/NBC/1975+.

Toonces at the Wheel

Created by writer Jack Handey in the late 1980s, Toonces was billed as the "cat who could drive a car" (Texas drivers license No. Z82765NT). 

Toonces lived with a simple-minded couple Lyle (Dana Carvey) and Brenda Clarke (Victoria Jackson) at 3130 Meadow Lane. At the end of each comedy sketch, Toonces would drive the car off a cliff (with his screaming owners as passengers).

Miraculously in the next segment, Toonces the cat would be alive and even more surprising his owners would again let the cat drive their car. Toonces' owners were fond of showing home movies of him driving the car (going over Niagara Falls, into the Grand Canyon, etc). 

Reportedly, Toonces used to be a stunt driver for THE DUKES OF HAZZARD where he received a head injury which is probably responsible for his erratic driving skills.

Celebrity guests who had the chance to drive and crash with Toonces included Karen Allen, Griffin Dunne, Joe Flaherty, David Foley, Phil Hartman, Linda Hamilton, Andrea Martin, Steve Martin, Ken McDonald, Randy Quaid, Julia Sweeney, and George Wendt.

In late May 1994, the real cat who played Toonces died of cancer at the age of nine years. The cat's real name was Tyrone Fletcher.

Toonces the Cat - License

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