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Cosmic Cow PuppetCosmic Cow - Bovine comic strip character on the sitcom TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT/ABC/SYN/1980-86. Cosmic Cow was a space age hero righting the wrongs of the universe. He sported a silver space suit and bright orange-colored horns.

The Cosmic Cow character sprang from the creative mind of Henry Rush (Ted Knight), a talented, grey-haired San Francisco artist/illustrator reduced to drawing a weekly children's comic strip for Random Comics, a division of Wainwright Publications owned by Arthur Wainwright (Hamilton Camp).

Working at home, Henry found he could be more creative if he wore a hand puppet of Cosmic Cow while he drew. So, putting a pen in the cow's mouth Henry cranked out the weekly strip, occasionally asking his puppet advice on whether the plot line was proceeding properly.

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