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C.O.W. Boys of Moo Mesa - Talking cattle featured on the Saturday morning animated fantasy WILD WEST C.O.W.-BOYS OF MOO MESA/ABC/1992-94.


This animate western told the tale about cattle who were turned into cowboys (cows that ride horses) after a comet from outer space crash-landed on a plateau in the Old West.

The citizenry of Moo Mesa included:

  • Marshal Moo Montana, the leader of the C.O.W.-Boys
  • Cowlorado Kid, Montana's cousin  (a guitar-playing party animal)
  • Dakota Dude, Montana's cousin (a gruff hot-tempered bovine)
  • Geronimoo, a strong silent Native-American
  • Colonel Cudster, the military leader of the C.O.W.-Boys
  • Buffalo Bull, the strongest of the C.O.W-Boys (who likes blacksmithing)
  • Cowlamity Kate and Miss Lily, their female friends

Together, the C.O.W-Boys followed the Code of the West (C.O.W.) and maintained law and order in the town of Moo Mesa.

The bad guys in town included:

  • Mayor Bull-loney; the evil politician
  • Sheriff Terrorbull (a.k.a. "The Masked Bull"), the town's corrupt  and the loudmouthed leader of the outlaw gang The Wild West Bullies. These C.O.W-Bullies included the nasty Saddle Sore, a cold-blooded, venomous hooligan; Boot Hill Buzzard, Saddle Sores' fowl sidekick, and Five Card Cud, a two-faced cheating gambler.


  • Always steer your friends in the right direction
  • Always keep your barn clean so it won't look like a pig sty
  • Never lock up an innocent bull
  • Always wash behind your horns
  • Never chew your cud with your mouth open
  • A real C.O.W.- Boy never cusses
  • Always leave a little grazing room for unexpected guests
  • Never sit down in a cactus field
  • Always clean up after your horse
  • Never kiss a horse unless you mean it
  • Always start each day with a glass of moo juice
  • Always finish your grub before you leave the table
  • Always tip your horns to a lady
  • It's rude to drool on the salt lick
  • Stand tall, be brave and never take any bull from a bully
  • Never horn in on another bull's territory
  • Never wear red pants around a bull with sharp horns
  • Never act like a bully
  • Always wear clean underwear to a showdown
  • Never wear your spurs to bed
  • Always bring a bale to get out of jail
  • Never play tag with a rattlesnake
  • Never mistake a snake for a lasso
  • On a desert trail, a scorpion always has the right of way
  • Never wear your boots to bed (or in the shower)
  • Never hit a cow
  • Always eat your prairie veggies
  • Never steal another cow's horse
  • Never cheat at cards
  • Never drink from another bull's trough

(Codes taken off packaging of C.O.W.-Boy toys made by Hasbro)

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