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(The Drew Carey Show)
Apt #234
Cleveland, OH

Mimi is a secretary. She works at Winfred-Louder Department Store for the store manager, Mr. Bell [later Nigel Wicks]. Mimi wears too much make-up and has a vindictive nature. One of Mimi’s bold fashion statements inspired the comment “Only dogs can hear those colors.“ Mimi’s nemesis is Drew Carey, the Assistant Director of Personnel whom she calls “Pig!”

Kathy Kinney as Mimi Bobeck - Photo Courtesy of THE DREW CAREY SHOW (Warner Bros.)

Before working at Winfred-Louder, Mimi did phone sales, worked in a darkroom; and read for the blind. She also volunteers with Big Sisters, Trolls for Tots and [referring to Drew] “Everyday I don’t put a harpoon into the back of your head, I’m saving a whale.”

Mimi loves troll dolls and displays them prominently all over her work desk. When Mimi took charge of the store while her boss Mr. Wick was ill, she tried to replace all the store mannequins with giant troll dolls. Once while having sex online she typed ”I can’t believe I did that in front of my troll dolls.” In her spare time, Mimi is a sales rep for Sally Mae Cosmetics.

Mimi's full time hobby is tormenting co-worker Drew Carey. She loves to rig bobby traps on his desk, sabotage his job search efforts, but perhaps her most despicable act involved drugging Drew and sending him to China without any money or a passport. For a time, a “little person” at work named Doreen, who admired Mimi, joined in the fun as Mimi‘s personal “Mini-Mimi.” Doreen mimicked Mimi’s clothing and cruel attitude toward Drew.

As if to torment Drew even more, Mimi, dated Drew’s brother, Steve [a cross-dresser] and after a short courtship, Mimi married Steve in Drew’s backyard. Steve proposed to Mimi by placing an ad on a blimp floating over the Cleveland Brown’s football stadium. It read: “Mimi. Marry Me. Steve.” Drew facilitated their wedding on-line via Reverend Forman on <> When Mimi asked Drew “Do you think God wants me to have a baby?” he replied “Oh Yeah, you gotta keep that circus tradition alive.”

While planning the wedding Mimi revealed she used to be married to rock star Eddie Money (he tattooed Mimi's face on his chest). She also wrestled in tag team matches in Mexico with a biker chick named Smelly Mary. Her endorsements for “Muy Grande Tortillos” were quite profitable. When Mimi got her first marriage annulled, she and Steve moved into the house next-door to the Warsaw Tavern formerly owned by a now deceased lady with 19 cats. Their doorbell chimed the song “Beautiful Dreamer.“ Right before her move, Mimi played poker and won Kate O’Brien’s shares in Drew’s Buzz Beer franchise that sold a microbrewery beer to the Warsaw. Now Mimi could annoy Drew Carey on three levels: as a sister-in-law, a business partner and a coworker.

Mimi family included her mother Tammy, who also wore too much makeup; her father who owns a trucking company; a squirrelly younger sister, Gigi; an attractive but sleazy cousin Jenny, whose idea of comforting a man is taking him to the Comfort Inn; and her rich but mean cousin Vanessa. Mimi’s only vulnerability is being claustrophobic. Mimi gave birth to a baby boy in February 2001. She named him King Augustus Antonio Carey [after the King of Poland and her favorite celebrity “Antonio” Banderas].

When Winfred-Louder Department Store went bankrupt, the Mimi, Drew and other employees were hired to stay on as a couple of dot-com entrepreneurs reworked the traditional brick and mortar store into an on-line Internet based company.

In the fall of 2002, Mimi's husband, who recently lost his job as a prison guard, has an affair with his hairdresser and Mimi throws him out of the house. She eventually takes him back in the spring. Now Mimi is happy again, but she's still mean as hell to Drew (and Steve Carey, as well when she finally kicks him out for good).


Drew Carey as Drew Carey
Ryan Stiles as 

Lewis Kiniski

Diedrich Bader as Oswald Lee Harvey
Christa Miller as Kate O'Brien
*Kathy Kinney as Mimi Bobeck
Cynthia Watros as Kellie Newmark
Craig Ferguson as Nigel Wick
John Carroll Lynch as Steve Carey
Nan Martin as Mrs. Dotty Louder
Jenica Bergere as Sharon Bridges
Ian Gomez as Larry Almada
Tim O'Rourke as Tim
Kelly Perine as Chuck
Kevin Pollak as Mr. Bell
Katy Selverstone as Lisa Robbins
Johnnie Walker as Bernard
Kate Walsh as Nicki Fifer

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