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BOWER, Angela
(Who's the Boss)
( KL5-6218
3344 Oak Hills Drive
Fairfield, CT

Angela is an ad agency executive at Wallace and McQuade Advertising, the 12th largest advertising agency in New York City. Now divorced from Michael Bower, Angela shares her two-story cape cod home with her rambunctious son, Jonathan L. Bower and her mother Mona Robinson who lives in a rear apartment.

Judith Light as Angela Bower

Born October, 16th 1950, Angela was shy and plump as a youth and played the cello (but very badly). Angela went to Montague Academy and later graduated from Harvard Business School. She drives a Jaguar automobile (license: MX8266). Her favorite color is emerald. Her favorite Beatle song is "Hey, Jude."

Initially, Angela married Michael Bower, a film documentary maker who liked traveling around the world for the Geographic Institute. He wanted to bring Angela along but she had career plans of her own and so she stayed stateside with her young son.

From time to time, Michael returned  home to visit, but eventually Angela realized the marriage would not work and convinced her husband to sign the divorce papers. He later remarried and Angela attended his wedding.

In 1986, Angela was nominated for the “Matty” for the best commercial of the year. Ironically that same year, Angela was fired but she soon opened her own company, the Bower Agency in Manhattan. Her mother, Mona pitched in to help run the office as Angela built up her client base.

In need of a housekeeper, Angela's mother convinced widower Tony Micelli to apply for the job. After giving the matter careful thought, Angela decided to hire Tony as her live-in housekeeper. Tony’s young daughter, Samantha took up residence, as well.

Throughout all this, Angela’s relationship with her housekeeper Tony eventually turned to true love. During that time, Angela’s romantic interests included the handsome Geoffrey Wells; lawyer Jeffrey Michaelson, Esq.; Tony’s cousin Maurizio from Italy who fell in love with Angela; a guy named Christopher; Jake “The Snake,” a former classmate; and while in college, Brian Thomas, whom Angela married as a joke only to discover 20 years later her divorce was never terminated.

Angela’s female friends included the sexy but arrogant neighbor Diane Wilmington; Trish, Angela’s old sorority sister; and Angela‘s cousin Christy. When Angela tried to cut loose, she usually got in trouble, like the time Tony invited her to a frat party and she got drunk and ended up in a campus jail.

When Tony was offered a chance to coach at Wells College in Bradford, Iowa, Angela moved to the Midwest to be with her man but after a short time she missed her job and career and moved back to Connecticut. She and Tony carried on a long distance relationship, until Tony realized he could teach anywhere.

One night, in 1992, soon after going through a number of housekeepers, Angela opens the front door and sees Tony Micelli dressed in a tuxedo. Tony applies for the job of housekeeper and smiling, Angela asks “So, what are your qualifications?" Tony kisses her passionately and Angela happily tells him “You’ve got the job.”

It seems that Angela and Tony were always meant to be. For as children, Angela (in the guise of a girl named Ingrid) unknowingly had met Tony and become friends at Camp Cataba summer camp. It was then that Ingrid (Angela) shared her first kiss with Tony at Kissing Rock.

Angela Bower & Family - Photo Courtesy of ABC
(L-R) Angela Bower; her son, Jonathan; housekeeper Tony Micelli;  Angela's mother, Mona Robinson; and Samantha Micelli.

Some Who's the Boss Quotes

Tony: Morning!
Angela: May, May I help you?
Tony: Well, if you're Angela Bower, I'm here to help you.
Angela: I beg your pardon.
Tony:  I'm Tony Micelli. I'm here about the job.
Angela: Oh, I'm sorry. There must be a mistake. This job is for a housekeeper.
Tony: That's me, Mr. Goodmop!

Angela: Tony, I kind of asked Samantha if your father wanted to come here and spend Christmas with us?
Tony:  (amused) Yeah? What did she say?
Angela:  Well, she didn’t think he could make it.
Tony: No? (seriously) You know, he’s, he’s dead.
Angela:  That was her reason too.

Sam: Well you know, I’m going to be leaving the house real soon and…
Tony: Real soon? But where are you going?
Sam: College! In a year, eleven months and thirteen days!
Tony: You’re counting the days?
Sam: And six hours.
Tony: Well Sam, I was kinda hoping that you’d live at home and go to Ridgemont with me. You know, father, daughter, sis-boom-bah.
Sam: (trying to be patient) Dad, you don’t go to college with your dad. (beat) We need to cut the apron strings. You could understand that can’t you?
Tony: (looking hurt) No…but give me a hug. A quick one. OK.

Mona: “Hold it, flipper. What are you two doing together? (She looks at Angela) “You’re supposed to be at the Sherry Netherland with your friend Louisa.”
Jonathan (to Tony): “And you’re supposed to be writing some big term paper.”
Sam: “No they are not. They’re both supposed to be at the potluck charity dinner with the Hendersons.”
Angela:  “Actually, you’re all right! You see, what happened was, my friend Louisa who happens to be really good friends with the Hendersons decided to come to the potluck dinner with us. It really worked out great for Tony because the Hendersons and Louisa happen to be experts on the Peloponnesian War…”
 Tony:  “Oh, Angela! Please give it up, please! Give it up! Look we…we needed some time alone and so we made up some stories. It was a mistake. The end. Let’s go home, please.”
Jonathan: “Yeah, but how did the car get in the lake?”
Sam:  “You know, something like this happened to friends of mine once, but that was only because they were in the car making out and then her foot slipped and…Oh my God!”
Tony: “Nothing happened.”
Mona: “Well, get back in that car until it does.”


Tony Danza as Anthony 'Tony' Micelli
Judith Light as Angela Bower
Alyssa Milano as Samantha 'Sam' Micelli
Danny Pintauro as Jonathan Bower
Katherine Helmond as Mona Robinson
Curnal Achilles Aulisio as Henry 'Hank' Thomopalous
Candy Azzara as Fran Thomopalous
Doug Ballard as Andrew 'Andy'
Scott Bloom as Jesse Nash
Nicole Eggert as Marci Ferguson
 Billy Gallo as Al
Rhoda Gemignani as Mrs. Rossini
Jonathan Halyalkar as William 'Billy' Napoli
Shana Lane-Block as Bonnie
Vic Polizos as Joe Thomopalous
Robin Thomas as Geoffrey Wells
Kate Vernon as Kathleen Sawyer

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