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(Nash Bridges)
c/o S.I.U.
Hyde Street Pier
San Francisco, CA

Nash is a police Inspector. He is twice divorced, Scottish by heritage, and heads the elite Special Investigations Unit of the San Francisco Police Department. Nash  calls everyone he meets “Bubba.” For protection, Nash carries a two-tone black and silver finish Colt .45 custom automatic handgun. Nash's partner is Inspector Joe Dominquez, a once retired cop. Together, they cruise the streets of San Francisco in Nash’s classic yellow 1970 Plymouth Barracuda ('Cuda) convertible.

Don Johnson as Nash Bridges

As a cop, Nash is the best. He's cool under fire and can handle himself in a street fight. Nash prefers, however, to use words as his weapon, but when they fail, he is ready for action.

Sometimes, when a fight started, Nash would sit it out and let a fellow officer wrestle with the bad guys. It wasn't that Nash was being mean, it's just that he's not a glory hound and he knows the limits of his officers and what they can and can not handle. But when his help was needed, Nash was always there to jump in and subdue the criminals, many of whom were not, let's say, the brightest bulbs in the bunch.

In between his regular duties on the force. Nash and Joe Dominguez, a former P.I., opened a detective agency as a sideline and investigated their own cases.

Lt. Shimamura Harvey Leek Evan Cortez Antwon Babcock
Shimamura Harvey Evan Antwon
Michelle Chan Bryn Carson Caitlin Cross Rebecca McCabe
Michelle Bryn Caitlin Rebecca

Nash's fellow officers at S.I.U. included:

  • Lt. A.J. Shimamura, Nash and Joe’s supervisor [He moved back to Hawaii after being passed over for a promotion and left Nash as acting head of the unit]
  • Technology Specialist Inspector Harvey Leek
  • Ladies’ man Inspector Evan Cortez [he had an affair with Nash’s daughter, Cassidy and later died]
  • Sexy but tough-as-nails Inspector Bryn Carson
  • Inspector Michelle Chan [she replaced Bryn but was later killed by a stalker]
  • Black detective Antwon Babcock [he's got a secret - he's epileptic]
  • Internal Affairs Investigator Caitlin Cross [Nash’s girlfriend who decided to leave town for a job in Boston]
  • Detective Rebecca McCabe, a single mother whom Nash found interesting
  • Richard "Rick" Bettina, a former S.I.U. employee who got fired, became a bounty hunter and then got hired as the Director of Police Investigations because his mommy married the Chief of Police. Rick later showed his true colors when he stole $2.5 million in city pension funds. Let's just say, Nash hates Rick's sniffling, little ass and leave it that.
Cassidy Bridges Stacy Bridges Lisa Bridges
Cassidy Stacy Lisa
Nick Bridges Joe Dominguez Inger Dominguez
Nick Joe Inger

Nash's private life consisted of a number of relatives and close friends. They included:

  • His first wife, Lisa, a caterer
  • Cassidy, their headstrong teenager [she became a cop and later moved to Paris]
  • Lynette Summer, Lisa’s sister [she cared for Cassidy when Lisa got a chef’s job in Paris]
  • Kelly, Nash’s socialite second ex-wife
  • Nick, Nash’s retired longshoremen father who lives in Nash’s apartment and suffers from Alzheimer's Disease
  • Nash’s mother, a librarian [deceased]
  • Nash’s lesbian sister, Asst. D.A. Stacy Bridges [she’s got quite a temper]
  • Nash's brother, Bobby who disappeared over Cambodia during the Vietnam War then resurfaced years later as a drug dealer ("A major player in southeast Asia")
  • Dylan, Bobby's son who delivered his father's dog tags to Nash after he was murdered]
  • Hagus Bridges, a klutzy Constable who works for the Glasgow police [He traced the family tree back to Wallace Bridges, in the days of Robert the Bruce].
  • Angel, a homeless man dressed as an angel who appears at critical moments in Nash's life to offer him sage advice.

One of Nash's best friends is his partner Joe Dominguez. Nash and Joe often discuss their lives and their problems, especially as they ride in Nash's cool 'Cuda.

Nash's problems fall under the category of rebellious teenage daughter (Cassidy); ex wives (Lisa and Kelly); an aging father (Nick); and city hall executives who want Nash's badge.

Joe's problems mostly concern his home life with his hot-tempered Swedish wife, Inger; his newborn baby girl, Lusia; his pot smoking mother-in-law and get-rich schemes into which he tries to recruit Nash.

The very eccentric Angel

TRIVIA NOTE: Episode No. 4 "High Impact" revealed that Nash treasures his car because it carries sentimental memories of his brother, Bobby who gave Nash the car before going off to fight in Vietnam.

On episode No. 118 "Quack Fever" Bobby's son Dylan, hangs his dad's dog tags on the mirror of the 'Cuda and Nash finally grieves for his brother whom he has lost twice in one lifetime.

Nash's 1970 Hemi Barracuda convertible [painted in High Impact yellow - a 1970 color known as “Lemon Twist] was introduced on the series’ very first episode. The car is "one of 14 ever made." Nash's 426 Drag Hemi engine with twin Carter AFB four-barrels is capable of 425 horsepower at 5,000 rpm, with 0-60 in 5.7 seconds.

Reportedly, there were four different Cuda's specifically built for the show. One is a genuine 440 big-block strip-burner that was converted to a single 4-barrel. The 440 car and the 318 car are actually '71 'Cudas, while the 340 car and the 360 car are '70 'Cudas with cosmetic changes to make them look like '71s.

Nash Bridges, Joe Dominguez and the Barracuda


Don Johnson as Nash Bridges
Cheech Marin as Joe Dominguez
James Gammon as Nick Bridges
Jaime P. Gomez as Evan Cortez
Jodi Lyn O'Keefe as Cassidy Bridges
Jeff Perry as Harvey Leek
Yasmine Bleeth as Caitlin Cross
Bob Sáenz as Sgt. Hoskins
Caroline Lagerfelt as Inger Dominguez
Angela Dohrmann as Stacy Bridges
Stephen Berra as J.J. Dominguez
Daniel Roebuck as Richard Bettina
Serena Scott Thomas as Kelly Weld
Annette O'Toole as Lisa Bridges
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as Lt. A.J. Shimamura
Jan-Michael Vincent & Michael Beck as Bobby Bridges
Jesse Johnson as Dylan, Bobby's son

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