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CAMPBELL, Tamera Anne & Tia
(Sister, Sister)
243 Maple Drive
Detroit, MI

Tamera Anne and Tia (Landry) are identical African-American teenager twins.  Separated at birth, these fourteen-year-old sisters accidentally reunited while shopping at Fashion Fantasy in a mall in Detroit. The chance meeting convinced their widowed adopted parents Ray Campbell [Tamera‘s] and Lisa Landry [Tia’s] to move into Ray’s house and share living accommodations [$350 a month rent] so that the girl’s can be together. Lisa brought along her dog named Sweetness [called “Cujo” by Ray].

Tia & Tamera Mowry - Photo courtesy of Warner Brothers

Ray is the owner of Campbell’s Limousine Service and Lisa is a seamstress and fashion designer who sells “Fashions by Lisa” at Northland Mall. Tia and Tamera attended Roosevelt High School and later Michigan State University. As a child both the girls had hamsters that they named M. C. Hamster. They also like Beavis and Butt-head.

Tia and Tamera share a bedroom. And although they look the same, they soon realize just how different they are from one another. Tia (who is two minutes older than Tamera) is an honor student and well organized. She plays the piano and paints. Tamera, on the other hand, is sloppy and not much of a book worm. She once complained that Tia got all the good genes ("the math gene, science gene, art gene", etc.). While Tia is the brains, Tamera is the outgoing one, loves to sing and to flirt with the boys. She later becomes a star athlete. To earn extra money, the twins worked at Rocket Burger [but later got fired from the job]. Tia and Tamera both made the third-string cheerleading squad. In Senior year, Tia got accepted to a private school and moved away from home and her best friend and sister, Tamera.

Friends of the family included Denise Mondello, a classmate at Roosevelt High; Terrence Winninham [who dated Lisa]; Principal Mitushka; a young eighth grader named Roger Evans [he had a crush on Tamara]; Tyreke Scott, Ray’s mechanic [he dated Tia]; Jordon Bennett [he dated Tamera]; Vivica Sinclair Shaw; and Diavian Johnson and Simone Flasser [the girl’s college friends].

The twins later discovered their natural parents were Rachel Gavin, a black artist who died during childbirth and Matt Sullivan, a white globe-trotting photojournalist whose newly born kids were given up for adoption before he could find them. Tamera later accompanied Matt to Africa for a summer photo shoot; Tia’s mom married Victor Sims [her romance with Ray fizzled]; Tia got a New York internship with the WNBA; and Ray accepted a position with the governor [Ray had earlier run for the senate but lost].

Cast of 'Sister, Sister' - Tia, Roger, Tamera, Lisa and Ray
Tia, Roger, Tamera (top),
 Lisa, Ray (bottom)

Some Classic Tia & Tamara Talk

 (Their first meeting)

Tamera: So, that's your Mum, huh?
Tia: Yeah. She's outgoing!
Tamera: Ya know, it's funny. She doesn't seem anything like you.
Tia: Well...I was adopted.
Tamera: I was too.
Tia: You were? When were you born?
Both: November 28th 1979!
Tia: No!
Tamera: No!
Tia: Yeah.
Tamera: You are my sister.
Tia: You are my sister.
Both: Nice to meet you!

(High School)

Tia: Did you see Gina Rawlson today?
Tamera: She got her nose pierced!
Tia: On both sides...She sneezed in Homeroom and her head looked like a sprinkler..!


Roger: Hey, guess what I have, Tamera...a mistletoe. You know what that means...I get to kiss you!
Tamera: You get to kiss me...and I get to break your arm!
Roger: Hmm, a broken arm...let me think about it!

(Girl Talk)

Tamera: Lisa, this is great! We're gonna play hooky?
Lisa: Uh, I'm so existed. I might even take my top down.
Tia: I hope she's talking about her car.

(Flying High)

Tamera: Look Tia, that's our Chicago at our feet.
Tia: Oh my gosh! I can't believe we are actually gonna see Boyz II Men. This is the BOMB!!!
Passengers: [Gasping]
Tamera: Tia...Never yell that on a airplane.

(The GED Test)

Tia: Ya know, I never thought of you as a quitter.
Tyreke: Look Tia, I'm not a quitter. I mean I just can not do this.
Tia: You just can't do it alone. But you don't have to. Because this time... you have us.
Tamera: That's right. Because Tia is really smart and... I'm an expert at studying in the last minute!

(Prom night)

Ray: Well I know how special you want Prom Night to be...
Tamera: True dat, Dad!
Tia: Right right..!
Ray: ...and anyone can ride to the Prom in a black limo. So I was thinking. I wanna give you an upgrade...a white stretch limo.
Tyreke: Ray, I hope you're not talking about Moby Dick?
Jordan: Moby Dick?
Tyreke: The old white clocker that nobody wants!
Ray: That limo is a classic.
Tyreke: So classic Superfly is still sitting in the back.


Tia Mowry as Tia Landry
Tamera Mowry  as Tamera Campbell
Jackée Harry as Lisa Landry
Marques Houston  as Roger Evans
Tim Reid  as Ray Campbell
Ayanna Allen as Jamie
Alexis Fields as Diavian
Chad Haywood as Steven
Bianca Lawson as Rhonda Coley
Richard Lawson as Victor Sims
RonReaco Leea as Tyreke 'Scotty' Scott
Senta Moses as Dot
Brittany Murphy as Sarah
Greg Pitts as Chud Matthews
Ali Pomerantz as Marcia
Deon Richmond  as Jordan Bennett
Anna Slotky as Denise
Rolonda Watts as Vivica Shaw
Dorien Wilson as Terrence Winningham

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