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CAVANAUGH, Dr. Jordan, M.E.
(Crossing Jordan)
Apt. # 311
227 Pearl Street
Boston, MA
Jordan is a forensic pathologist. Born and raised in south Boston, she is single, 32-years-old, Irish-Catholic (lapsed), and passionate about her work as a medical examiner at the Boston Coroner’s Office. She reports to Chief Medical Examiner, Dr. Garret Macy, who often overlooks Jordan’s headstrong insubordination because she is so good at her job. If you were to summarize Jordan in three words, they would be:  smart, sexy and rebellious - she refuses to play by the rules.

Jill Hennessy as Dr. Jordan 'I have issues' Cavanaugh
Dr. Jordon Cavanaugh

Initially, Jordan's "bad girl" persona got her in trouble in Boston and so she moved to Los Angeles in hopes of a fresh start. But she continued to be her own worst enemy and eventually she was required to attend a court-ordered anger management courses to keep her job, until her old friend, Dr. Garret Macy gave her a chance to return to Boston (at 4900 Beacon Street) with the caveat that Jordon gets her act together and works on eliminating her self-destructive behavior. Earlier in their relationship, Garret lent support and inspiration for Jordan to turn her life around after a near-fatal drug overdose.

When it comes to her cases (in which she becomes too personally involved), Jordan first analyzes the forensic evidence (body, trauma, wounds, etc). If she needs further insight, she role-plays to get into the mindset of the victims. In essence, she puts her self in the place of the victim and imagines the last minutes of their life with their attacker. By using the hard evidence found at the crime and a reasoned examination of the facts, Jordon discovers the truth behind assorted crimes. As Jordan said "I happen to believe in science. Science is my friend. It doesn't let me down." and "Trust me. The answers are always in the body"

Coroner's Office Personnel
Dr. Garret Macy Dr. Maresh 'Bug' Nigel Townsend
Dr. Garret Macy Dr. Maresh "Bug" Nigel Townsend
Lily Lebowski Dr. Trey Sanders Dr. Elaine Duchamps
Lily Lebowski Dr. Trey Sanders Dr. Elaine Duchamps

With all the dead bodies and general air of death pervading the Coroner's Office on a daily basis, Jordon was lucky to work with a lighthearted group of coworkers who brought humor to an otherwise dark place. Case in point, Jordan's coworkers: Lily Lebowski, a grief counselor who wanted to have a relationship with Garret (but he had commitment issues); Dr. Mahesh Vijayaraghavensatyanaryanamurthy, an Eastern Indian entomologist who attended school in England and earned the nickname "Bug" for his love of insects; and, finally Nigel Townsend, a British criminalist who grew up in London. He enjoys skiing, photography, motorcycles, fashion design. and attractive women (although his flamboyant manner makes one think he swings the other way). Nigel, like Bug, often bent over backwards to help solve a case. Others on hand included Dr. Trey Sanders, who worked with Jordon for about a year, and Dr. Elaine Duchamps, a politically active physician whom Jordon disliked immensely. Elaine later died from a food poisoning (eboli) outbreak at the hospital. Psst! This a secret. Nigel's visa has expired. So don't tell the INS that his marriage to Lily was a scam to avoid deportation. Have I said too much?

To relax or relieve stress Jordan uses her love of music and sex to sooth her soul Jordon plays the guitar and sings folks tunes. When she needs to hold onto something a little more substantial that a set of guitar stings she finds the companionship of a stray male. But her relationships are short and commitment never figures into the bargain. For Jordan, it's usually, Wham! Bam! Thank you, man! This attitude especially frustrated Boston police Det. Woody Hoyt, a charming but naive cop from Kewaunee, Wisconsin who wanted to get closer to Jordan. But, as she said "I have issues."

Wooody & Jordan
Woody & Jordon on the job

Woody: [to Jordan] Stay in the car.
Jordan: What exactly in our past makes you think I'll do that?

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