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Boston, MA
Diane is an aspiring writer. She is single, aloof, opinionated, stubborn and works at a local tavern called Cheers. Born prematurely at 8 months into the wealthy home of  Helen and Spencer Chambers (who called her "Muffin"), Diane loved education, poetry and rare first-edition books.

Shelley Long as Diane Chambers - Photo courtesy of the NBC series 'Cheers'

However, Diane's high society platitudes and snobbish ways were lost on the blue-collar crowd at Cheers, especially Carla Tortelli, a wisecracking waitress who called Diane "Fishface" "Pencil neck", "Squawkbox" and "Whitey" among other put-downs.

Diane first encountered Cheers when she entered the bar soon after being dumped by Professor Sumner Sloan. Sam Malone the owner of the bar felt sorry for her and hired her as a waitress, despite her lack of experience. Over time Diane and Sam developed a passionate on and off again romance. Their relationship was volatile and the more they hated each other, the more they wanted to jump into the sack.

In between her flings with Sam Malone, Diana had a romantic encounter with psychiatrist Dr. Frasier Crane, a regular at Cheers. Diane almost married him but left him at the altar. She then went on a wild sexual spree of unrelenting debauchery through Europe from which she recovered at the Abbey of St Anshelms, Sisters of the Divine Serenity in Boston.

Eventually, Diane returned to Cheers and made plans to marry Sam Malone. Diane even went house hunting and found a lovely little abode. As she said "Oh Sam, I have wonderful plans for every room in the entire house. Sam amorously replied "That's funny so do I. Why don't we start right here in the living room. These floors look like they could use a little polishing."

But, just as Sam and Diana were ready to consummate their marriage, Diane learned that Houghton Mifflin wanted to publish her novel. Reaching an understanding with Sam to leave for six months to pursue her writing career, Diane promised to return and pick up their relationship. But as Diana left the bar, Sam sensed that she wouldn't be back and quietly remarked "Have a good life."

Diane Chambers with her co-workers at Cheers - Photo courtesy of the NBC series CHEERS
(L-R) Coach Pantusso, Carla Tortelli, Sam Malone, and Diane Chambers

Diane never did return, but a few years later while watching a TV awards program at the bar, the gang at Cheers viewed in amazement as Diana received an award for her movie script The Heart Held Hostage. The movie was an off shoot of her failed book that she left Boston to write.

Although the book deal fell through, Diane's agent suggested she trim a couple thousand pages and turn it into a script. Her final draft [written on recycled paper] won an ACE Cable TV award for best movie or miniseries. The story was based on the life of Carla Tortelli, who had constantly taunted Diane while they both worked together at Cheers.

With success in hand, Diane made a short visit back to Cheers to see Sam. As Diane entered the bar, Carla began to scream uncontrollably as if she'd just awoken from a nightmare. Fearful of what Sam might think of her, Diane pretended to be married with three kids. Sam, ever competitive, lied and told Diane that he had since married and had four kids. Of course, their subterfuge was revealed and, in the end, Sam and Diane returned to their passionate ways, if just for the night.

Earlier in her career, Diane used the pen name Jessica Simpson Bourges when she helped Sam "May Day" Malone write his memoirs about his days as a relief pitcher for the Red Sox baseball team [that book never materialized].

After Diane's initial return to Cheers, she turns up to visit her old friends including Dr. Frasier Crane who had moved to Seattle to take a job at a WKAL radio talk show. On one of her visits to Seattle, she dropped by to see Frasier and revealed her newest literary work - a play that was subconsciously based on all the people she had known at Cheers year ago.

The "Losers" or people in the play included Stan (Sam), Clark (Cliff), Darla (Carla), Ned (Norm) and Dr. Franklin Crean (Frasier). All of the characters were obsessed with the lead female Mary Anne (Diane). It was during this visit that Frasier and Diane came to terms with their past and parted friends. Of course, Frasier still recalls his days with Diana as "The evil days, when darkness fell over the earth."

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