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(My Three Sons)
(Bryant Park 6100
(Larson 0-6719
837 Mill Street
Bryant Park, USA (Midwest)
Steve is an aeronautical engineer. He is six feet two inches tall, likes to wear sweaters, smokes a pipe and works for Universal Research and Development, Inc. as a structural design consultant.

Fred MacMurray as Steve Douglas (smoking a pipe)- Photo courtesy of MY THREE SONS

A former test pilot, Steve graduated from Midwest University in 1938 and married Louise O’Casey at the age of 21. They soon became the parents of three lovely boys. Sadly, Louise passed away the night before their youngest son’s first birthday.

Steve now lives with his three sons: Michael "Mike" the eldest (age 18); Robert "Robbie" the middle son (age 14) who enjoys playing the trumpet, guitar and dating girls; and Richard "Chip" the youngest (age 7) who attends Webster Elementary. Also sharing their home is Steve’s balding father-in-law William Michael Francis Aloysius O'Casey affectionately called "Bub" and a small orphan boy from the King’s County Children’s Home named Ernie Thompson whom Steve later adopts.

Bub got his name because the Douglas boys couldn't pronounce "Grandpa" and hence the Bub moniker emerged. When Bub traveled to Ireland in 1965 for his Aunt Kate‘s 104th birthday [and never returned], Steve invited Bub's brother Uncle Charley O’Casey, a crusty retired merchant marine to live with them and take over Bub's duties as chief cook and housekeeper. Charlie was born in Sandusky, Ohio.

The Douglas Family - with Bub O'Casey - Photo courtesy of the TV series 'My Three Sons'

The Douglas Family - with Uncle Charlie - Photo courtesy of the TV series 'My Three Sons'

The Douglas Family  with Bub O'Casey

The Douglas Family  with Uncle Charley

During Steve's younger days, he played second baseman for the Beaver Dam High School baseball team. At the 1931 class senior hop, Steve played a saxophone. His high school girlfriend was Josephine Kringles. In 1938 Steve's Midwest University graduation had the distinction of having only one female student, Heather Marlow whom he saw at his 25th class reunion.

For food, Steve is partial to Italian. He likes to eat at Luigi's Restaurant. To satisfy his sweet tooth, Steve might order up a Lindy Hop Special that consists of 2 scoops of ice cream, a couple of rings of pineapple, chocolate syrup, a lot of whipped cream with a side dish of almonds.

In the fall of 1967, the Douglas family moved to North Hollywood, California. Two years later, Steve married Ernie’s schoolteacher Barbara Harper, a widow with a headstrong, outspoken young daughter named Dodie [her best friend is a doll named Myrtle]. Their wedding ceremony was performed at the Concha Azul Hotel in Mexico.

In 1972, Steve’s look-alike cousin Lord Fergus McBain Douglas, a Scottish nobleman traveled to America in search of a bride. He lived with Steve and family for a time.

Throughout all of the Douglas family ups and downs, the one constant was Tramp the dog, the family's faithful canine - a mixed briard breed. Ernie also had a dog. He was named Wilson.

Steve Douglas, his new wife Barbara Harper, her daughter Dodie, Uncle Charley and Tramp the family dog - Photo courtesy of MY THREE SONS
Steve with Tramp the dog, Uncle Charlie
and his new wife, Barbara and her child, Dodie

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