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FEVER,  Johnny
(WKRP in Cincinnati)
( 555-WKRP
Suite 1412, Ninth Floor
Flimm Building
Cincinnati, OH
Johnny is a morning disk jockey at WKRP radio station 1530 on the AM dial. He is divorced, scruffy, spaced-out and likes to make ”special” brownies. His real name is Johnny Caravella. However, Johnny has also been known as Johnny Duke, Johnny Style, Johnny Midnight, Johnny Cool, Johnny Sunshine, Heavy Early, and Rip Tide.

Howard Hesseman as DJ Doctor Johnny Fever with Jennifer and Bailey - Photo courtesy of Fox Broadcasting

Before his gig at WKRP, Johnny worked in Los Angeles, but he got fired for using a dirty word on the air. As Johnny recalled "I used the word 'booger' on the air. I was making about a hundred grand a year down there. Then one day I said "booger," a bunch of bozos called the station, and the next thing I know I'm in Amarillo hosting a garden show." Johnny's first broadcast at WKRP began something like this:

“All right, Cincinnati, it's time for this town to get down! You've got Johnny - Doctor Johnny Fever, and I am burnin' up in here - Whoah! We all in critical condition, babies, but you can tell me where it hurts, cuz I got the healing prescription here from the big KRP musical medicine cabinet. Now I am talking about your 50,000 watts intensive care unit, babies! So just sit right back now, relax! Open your ears real wide and say, 'Give it to me straight, Doctor, I can take it!' Oh, I almost forgot, fellow babies... BOOGER!!!"

For a short time, Johnny left WKRP [where he earned $17,500 a year] for job in California, but got fired again and returned to WKRP to work the late-night graveyard shift. When the new morning guy got canned, Johnny returned to the morning drive slot. He opened his program thusly:

"All right, Cincinnati shape up cause it's time for your morning check up. The Doctor is on duty. I have just returned from personally supervising an extensive research project involving West Coast vegetable worship cults and the cure's here babies. That's right. Doctor Johnny Fever is back and I'm on call every morning on WKRP in Cincinnati!"

One night Johnny had a little too much to drink and he offered this verbose volley to his listening audience: "All right fellow babies, that was the Doors, and this is sort of Johnny Fever, kind of doctor. And after... nine drinks, Venus Flytrap is catatonic, and I, myself, have personally just seen a giant pig. He is currently painting the walls of our lobby." When Johnny was not zonked out, he dispensed this kind of advice: "Strap yourselves down, babies, 'cause you got the Fever - Dr. Johnny Fever on the mighty 'KRP in Cincinnati, where it's 9:05 in the morning, so if you're not at work, don't go. You're late, and they'll just yell at you!"

Besides playing rock and roll on the air, Johnny had to read public service announcements and ad spots from the station's sponsors. Ads like "Remember, Red Wigglers, the Cadillac of worms. Available in fine worm shops everywhere." When not making money for the station's sponsors, Johnny earned his own extra money by adopting the persona Rip Tide, the host of a TV disco dance show [whose sleazy personality almost took over Johnny’s own easy-going persona]. After Johnny received $24,000 in a legal settlement, instead of feeding his gambling habit, he invested in a condominium at “Gone With The Wind Estates.”

The women in Johnny’s life included his old girlfriend Buffy from California; Paula, his first ex-wife; Johnny’s grown daughter Laurie Caravella; and Jennifer Marlowe, the gorgeous, sophisticated blonde receptionist at WKRP that Johnny found fascinating. Johnny later moved to Greenwich Village in New York City to write a book on Rock and Roll. But, when Moss Steiger, the midnight to 6:00 A.M. disk jockey fell off the roof of the Flimm Building, Johnny returned to WKRP to fill the vacancy.

If you go looking for Johnny, he can probably be found sleeping on the floor behind a couch, or in a cubby hole somewhere at WKRP radio station. Johnny's philosophy on life: "When everybody's out to get you, paranoia is just good thinking."

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Gary Sandy as Andy Travis
Gordon Jump as Arthur "Big Guy" Carlson
Loni Anderson as Jennifer Marlowe
Richard Sanders as Les Nessman
Tim Reid as Gordon "Venus Flytrap" Sims
Frank Bonner as Herbert R. "Herb" Tarlek Jr.,
Jan Smithers as Bailey Quarters,
Howard Hesseman as Johnny Caravella
a.k.a. "Dr. Johnny Fever"
Carol Bruce/Sylvia Sidney as Lillian "Mama" Carlson
Ian Wolfe as Hirsch
Allyn Ann McClerie as Carmen Carlson
Edie McClurg as Lucille Tarlek

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