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Phoebe is a nanny. She is British, attractive, very feminine and has a wonderful way with children and animals alike.  She currently works for Professor Harold Everett, a widowed, mathematics instructor at Clinton College and attends to the needs of his three children, Hal (12), Butch (8), and Prudence (5). 

Nanny Phoebe Figalilly 

Phoebe arrived one day on the doorsteps of the Everett family (like Mary Poppins) to help Professor Everett with his domestic difficulties. You see, the Professor had lost several housekeepers in the last year. They had all left because the Everett household was in such a chaotic array. After all, taking care of three children as well as a menagerie of animals including Waldo, the family sheepdog, Myrtle and Mike the guinea pigs; Sebastian, the rooster; and Jerome and Geraldene, the baby goats was indeed quit a task. But not too much of one for Nanny who seemingly had a magical way about her. So taking the reigns of the situation, Nanny set about to right the household and establish order, peace and harmony throughout.

Professor Everett Hal Everett Butch Everett Prudence Everett
The Professor Hal Butch Prudence

The Everett children quickly grew to love Phoebe, but from time to time they suspected that Phoebe might be a witch or something like that because she always solved situations as if by magic. For one thing, Nanny could communicate with the animals and she often chattered to the family dog Waldo who apparently understood everything she said. Was the nanny psychic? Hmmm? And mystery still surrounds just how old is Nanny? Once Hal accidentally found a passport in Nanny's trunk with a photo and date of birth as April 18, 1864 (or 106 years old.)

On a day-to day basis, Nanny used her magical personality to sooth the Everett family's spirit and make everyone feel special about themselves. To save time, she even answered the phone before it rang (Spooky). And Nanny did all this without ever revealing any of her secrets (like whether or not she was a witch or some other kind of magical being.).

When necessary, Nanny was happy to help out family or friends with their problems. Like the times she helped Prudence face up to her fear of monsters (Wiblets); helped Butch make an astrological discovery when he used his dad's old telescope; intervened when the city's street widening project required the destruction of the children's tree house; befriended a lonely actor living in a suspected haunted house; put on a show to raise money for a new park fountain; drove Hal to the school dance so he could impress his new girlfriend; helped the Professor keep a basketball player from failing math; and provided Hal with enchanted golf clubs when he entered a local golf tournament.

Nanny's car, 'Arabella'
Nanny and her car "Arabella"

To get about town, Nanny drove an antique 1930 Model A automobile which she nicknamed "Arabella." Nanny used this second family car to do the grocery shopping or deliver or pick-up the children from their many destinations throughout the week. Strangely, Arabella's radio only broadcasts shows from the 1930's.

Once three loudmouth boys challenged Nanny to a race, but she responsibly declined the offer. Unhappy, the boys called the car "Yellow Arabella". But later, Nanny had the final laugh when she encountered the boy's car (called "The Buckingham) on the road. Accepting their offer to a race, Nanny drove to the finish line - with one complication. Arabella broke down just shy of the finish line and Nanny and the rest of the Everett's had to push it to victory. Their challengers. lost the race because they had car trouble (smoking engine) and had to pull off the side of the road. Imagine that! Eventually, Nanny traded in Arabella for a newer model car.

From time to time, some of Phoebe's relative's dropped by the Everett home for a visit. They included Nanny's Uncle Alfred; her Aunt Justine and Aunt Agatha (who arrived by balloon); Nanny's Uncle Horace (who visits from the South Seas to cure a drought using a rain dance); ; and Nanny's psychic Aunt Henrietta, a frequent visitor to the house. Henrietta owns a traveling circus. Nanny also had a look-alike great aunt (never seen) who lived to a ripe old age (she was born in October - a Libra; and, of course, Aunt Arabella, the inspiration for the nickname of Nanny's car.

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