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HAYES, Madeline "Maddie"
c/o Blue Moon Investigations
Suite 2016
15555 Century Park East
Century City, Ca. 91302

Maddie is a glamorous fashion model. Born October 11th, 1950 in Chicago, she his icy, strong-willed and the spokesperson for “Blue Moon Shampoo.” In 1985, Maddie returns from a trip and discovers her financial manager, Ron Sawyer had embezzled all her liquid assets (he went to Buenos Aires and built a casino). Short on cash, Maddie liquidates some holdings (used mostly as tax write-offs).

Cybill Shepherd as Maddie Hayes

When Maddie attempts to shut down an unsuccessful business called "City of Angels Investigations" she meets with opposition from David Addison, the cocky, wisecracking head of the agency who hails from New York. In a clever sales pitch, David encourages Maddie to help solve a big jewel case ($4million dollars of smuggle diamonds) and then convinces her to become a detective and rename the agency "Blue Moon Detective Agency."

The majority of the Blue Moon cases involved murder (59%), the rest involved lesser crimes like theft (11%), Domestic/marital problems (11%) and miscellaneous crimes rounded out the rest the cases (19%). The firm's chief competitor is Lous LaSalle (the owner of the large LaSalle Detective Agency) who wanted to buy Blue Moon agency (which is a member of the California Investigators Association).

Besides David Addison, the Blue Moon Detective Agency employed Agnes DiPesto as their receptionist. When Agnes answered the firm's telephone, she delivered a greeting in rhyme. For example, “Blue Moon Detective Agency. If persons are missing, if objects are lost, we' find them for you at a reasonable cost.” Also on board was a short, pudgy accountant named Herbert Quentin Viola who was hired by Maddie and soon became a junior detective as well as Agnes Dipesto's love interest. A third office worker known only as MacGilicuddy appears from time to time. He later died of a heart attack..

Others to darken the doors at Blue Moon Investigations included David's brother, Richard Addison, an inept con-artist; David's ex-flame Gillian Armstrong (which makes Maddie jealous); an artist Phillip Wright, secretly in love with Maddie, (who commits suicide and leaves behind a "Portrait of Maddie" that held the secret to millions); and Camille Brand, whom David hires (as window dressing) after she accidentally squashed an assassination attempt on a Senator by falling on top of him (after 3-weeks Camille leaves Blue Moon and steals $2000 on the way out).

David Addison, Maddie Hayes & Agnes Dipesto

As time passed, Maddie developed a close and often tumultuous relationship with David which eventually blossomed into a love affair. Maddie first kissed David in a parking garage and then consummated her love on the floor of her living room after David broke into her home (right out of a scene from the movie Body Heat). Maddie's rocky relationship with David (a provocative purveyor of wolf whistles, double entendres and sexual inuendos) survived a number of breakups, but when they needed help, they sought counseling. Maddie talked to Dr. Joyce Brothers while David consulted with singer Ray Charles.

Other people in Maddie's life included her parents, Virginia and Alex Hayes; her cousin, Lorraine Anne "Annie" Charnock (who fell in love with David); and Maddie’s college boyfriend Sam Crawford, now an astronaut, who competed with David for Maddie’s affections (he proposed to Maddie).

After Maddie got pregnant in 1988 she ran to her parents in Chicago (88 East Oak Avenue, Lakeshore Chicago, IL) and stayed four months. On her return Amtrak train trip to Los Angeles, however, she impulsively married a stranger named Walter Bishop. He, in turn, annulled the marriage after two weeks when he learned about Maddie's unresolved feelings for David. Meanwhile, Maddie's baby was stillborn. (Note: Right before the miscarriage, Baby Hayes appeared in a dream sequence where a Guardian Angel named Jerome briefed the baby about his parents and life to come. But when Baby Hayes miscarried he was told not to worry and that he would be born into another family. In real life, Maddie, an atheist ("In God We Strongly Suspect") believed the baby to be Sam Crawford's but the dream sequence acknowledged David Addison as being the baby's biological father.).

On May 14th, 1989, after all their fighting and bickering, and falling in and out of love, Maddie and David finally went their separate ways. Consequently, Blue Moon Investigations ceased operations. Their last case, the Anselmo Case, was never solved...and remains a mystery to this day. Maddie's final words to David: "You know David, after all these years, all we've been through together -- the ups, the downs, the ins, the outs -- I just want you to know: I can't imagine not seeing you tomorrow."

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