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(The Andy Griffith Show)
132 Main Street
Mayberry, NC

Floyd is a barber. He wears glasses, has blue eyes, a dark mustache and a very pleasant, easy-going personality. Born and raised in Mayberry, Floyd owns Floyd's Barber Shop and he has cut hair in Mayberry for over thirty years in his one-chair establishment. Floyd's dream is a two-chair shop.

Floyd Lawson with Sheriff Andy Taylor - Photo courtesy of CBS


Floyd's barbershop is truly an institution in town. It's a place where folks can come to play chess, shoot the breeze, read the magazines or maybe play a guitar. When business is slow, you sure to find Floyd sitting on the bench in front of his shop just enjoying the day and gently waving to the town folks who pass by. Frequent visitors to Floyd's Barber Shop included Sheriff Andy Taylor (whose been coming to Floyd's since he was a boy), Andy's young son, Opie Taylor; town deputy Barney Fife; and the Pyle cousins, Gomer and Goober. One constant in Floyd's world: He never seems to get the sideburns even.

Andy: Floyd!
Floyd: What's the matter?
Andy: My sideburns.
Floyd: Your sideburns. What's the matter with your sideburns?
Andy: Why they're both even.
Floyd: Why, I'll be dogged. How'd that happen?


I declare Floyd. I believe you're getting the hang of it, and looka there. They're the right length and everything.

What does Floyd charge for his services? Well, in the early 1960's he charged a dollar for a haircut, 75 cents for a shampoo, 35 cents for a shave, and a quarter for a shoeshine. A few years later, inflation forced Floyd to raised his prices to $1.75 for a haircut, ($2 for a butch or a flattop), and 50 cents for a shave, If you really wanted to splurge you can pay 25 cents for tonic and $3 dollars for one of Floyd's special scalp treatments.

At home, Floyd's family members consisted of his wife, Melba; his son, Norman [who played the saxophone]; a sister; his niece Virginia Lee; his nephew Warren Ferguson [who replaced Barney Fife as deputy sheriff]; and a dog named Sam

For fun, Floyd raises prize-winning pansies, goes fishing at Myers Lake and plays the trombone. Being a civic-minded citizen Floyd has volunteered to be a town deputy, served as a secretary of the Downtown Businessman's Club and belongs to the local chapter of the The Regal Order of the Golden Door to Good Fellowship.

Floyd also dabbled in writing. A failed attempt at a novel produced the opening sentence “The sun is dropping lazily down behind the purple hills in the western skies.” And he wrote the “Hail to Thee, Miss Mayberry” theme song for the local beauty pageant. The lyrics read:

Hail to thee, Miss Mayberry
All hail to thee, all hail
Your loveliness, your majesty
Brings joy to every male
All hail, all hail, all hail, all hail,
All hail, all hail, all hail all hail

When Floyd wants a beverage, he drinks coffee or picks up a Nectarine Crush or Huckleberry Smash soda pop at Wally’s Filling Station. “You got the best pop in town,” he once told Wally. Floyd also loves lollipops and tapioca pudding.

For twenty eight years Floyd rented the space for his barbershop from the Robinson family for $50.00 a month. When town clerk Howard Sprague bought the building from the Robinson's (who lived in California), he raised Floyd's rent to $65 a month, but after a little quarrel and a bit of dickering Howard and Floyd arrived at a monthly rate of $57.50. A few months later, Floyd closed up shop after thirty eight years and sold his business location to Emmett Clark who opened Emmett’s Fix-It Shop.


"Some Floyd-isms"

"Hey, Andy, don’t take any wooden nickels"  

"You fall down a well and you're wet!"

"Just goes to show ya one thing, Andy. If you want a
beautiful suit you have to go to Mount Pilot"

"Hey Andy! Do you know that dingo dogs are
indigenous to Australia?"

"Time heals everything. Know who said that?
My Latin teacher at barber college!"

"You know Andy, you were real stupid when you were young. You used to try to eat the shaving cream because you thought it was ice cream. Boy were you ever dumb!"


Next time I want a haircut. I'm gonna stick my head in a pencil sharpener.


Sure, and it'll fit, tooo.



Andy Griffith as Sheriff Andy Taylor
Don Knotts as Deputy Barney Fife
Frances Bavier as Aunt Bee Taylor
Ron Howard as Opie Taylor
Jack Dodson as Howard Sprague
Howard McNear as Floyd Lawson
Jim Nabors as Gomer Pyle
George Lindsey as Goober Pyle
Elinor Donahue as Elinore 'Ellie' Walker

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