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TRIVIA NOTE: It wasn't until the last season of the show that MacGyver discovered he had a first name. Traveling back to Medieval Scotland (in a dream sequence) MacGyver sees his name [Angus] written in flames on a castle wall. He was not amused at the revelation even after a maiden remarked "Oh, It's a beautiful name."

Richard Dean Anderson (a.k.a. "MacGyver") was born January 23, 1950 in Minneapolis, Minnesota - the oldest of four sons of jazz bassist/disc jockey Stuart J. Anderson and artist Jocelyn Anderson. RDA aspired to be a professional hockey player but Two broken arms dashed his hopes so he began the kind of vagabond lifestyle that was more common in the late '60s. Before moving to the West Coast to pursue an acting career he studied drama classes at Ohio University and St. Cloud State University in Minnesota. He also worked as a street mime and juggler, and sang as a 16th-Century cabaret jester.

His early career roles included a stint on the soap opera GENERAL HOSPITAL (1976-81) as Dr. Jeff Webber. His other TV credits included the western drama SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERS (1982-83) as Adam McFadden; the navy drama EMERALD POINT, N.A.S (1983-84) as Lt. Simon Adams; the western drama LEGEND (1995) as dime novelist Ernest Pratt (a.k.a. "Nicodemus Legend"); and, of course, the action adventure series MACGYVER as Anugus "Mac" MacGyver. RDA appeared as the lead actor on long-running sci-fi series STARGATE: SG-1. RDA made his TV movie debut opposite Valerie Bertinelli in "Ordinary Heroes" in 1986.

The term "MacGyverism" (coined on episode #25 "Twice Stung") or "to MacGyver" defines the end product of Angus MacGuyver's ingenuity when he takes ordinary objects and turns them into tools to be used to rescue him and others from a predicament.

Excerpt from The Simpsons Cartoon Series

Selma: Holy Free Holies! We've got 10 mins till MacGyver! Driver, here's a $10. Get us home and don't spare the whip [Arriving home] What did I miss?
Patty: MacGyver was wearing a tank top
Selma: D***! [Selma kicks the chair]
SideShow Bob: But Selma I thought I was the only man in your life.
Selma: Sit Down and Shut Up!! I would just like to say, that on the advice of my new husband, I've given up smoking, except for after meals and after MacGyver.... That MacGyver's a genius
SideShow Bob: First of all, he's not a genius, he's an actor. And second he's not much of an actor.
Selma: You're Lying! You're Lying!" [Selma runs off crying. Later Selma returns and tells Sideshow Bob] Love Me, Love MacGyver. We are a package.

Although MacGuyver hated guns, he did use them on occasion. But not as you might think. He's used a gun to conk someone on the head, or as a wrench. And once during a bout of amnesia (episode #43 D.O.A.- MacGyver") he held a gun, but even in his condition, he felt wrong to holding it. Note: In the premiere pilot episode, MacGyver does shoot a rifle at pursuing enemy soldiers.

In the article "Kidsday: Talking with Richard Dean Anderson." Newsday. May 17, 1987 Richard Dean Anderson reported "Most of the guys who recognize me in New York are the cabbies and construction workers. They yell out, "Yo, MacGyver, make me a bomb."

The Challengers Club  is a real Boys and Girls Club based in South Central L.A. Actor Richard Dean Anderson serves on their Board of Trustees.

Dana Elcar (who played Peter Thornton) was diagnosed with glaucoma while filming the series. Soon after, Elcar's real-life condition was given to his series character. Elcar & Thronton were legally blind by the end of the series.

The MacGyver series ended with "Hi, this is Richard Dean Anderson and from all of us at MacGyver thank you, the audience, for seven great seasons."

MacGyver starring Richard Dean Anderson


Richard Dean Anderson as Angus "Mac" MacGyver (and Dexter Fillmore, Mac's undercover alias of a rich computer nerd
Shane Meier as MacGyver as a youth
Dana Elcar as Peter Thornton
Teri Hatcher as Penny Parker
Bruce McGill as Jack Dalton
Michael Des Barres as Murdoc
Elyssa Davalos as Nikki Carpenter

Susan Chapple

as Helen Wilson

John Anderson

as Harry Jackson (Mac's Grandpa)


as Celia Jackson (Mac's Grandma)

Martin Milner

as James MacGyver (Mac's Dad)

Sheila Moore

as Ellen MacGyver (Mac's Mom)

Tannis Montgomery

as Amy Austin (Mac's girlfriend)

Bruce Harwood

as Prof. Willis, (Mac's old teacher)

Marilyn Jones

as Debra Easton (Mac's girlfriend)

Elyssa Davalos

as Lisa Kohler/Kosov (Mac's girlfriend)

 Kristian Alfonso

as Debora (Mac's girlfriend)

Moira Walley

as Karen (Mac's girlfriend)

Bridgette Sternberg

as Maria Romberg (Mac's girlfriend)

Mary Ann Pascal

as Ellen (Mac's High School Sweetheart)

Michele Chan

as Sue Ling (Mac's Chinese Foster Daughter - now deceased)

Cleavon Little

as Frank Colton

Richard Lawson

as Jesse Colton

Cuba Gooding, Jr.

as Billy Colton

Della Reese

as Ma Colton

Kimberly Scott

as Mama Lorraine (Mac's Neighbor)

Kim Zimmer

as Det. Kate Murphy

Jackson Davies

as Det./Capt. Mike Kiley

W. Morgan Sheppard

as Dr. Zito (a serial Killer)

Dick Butkus

as Earl Dent

Robin Mossley

as Wilt Bozer (Mac's neighbor)

Robert Donner

as Milt Bozer (Wilt's Brother)

T. Scott Coffey
/Hank Stratton

as Michael Thornton (Pete' son)

Penelope Windust
/Linda Darlow

as Connie Thornton (Pete's ex-wife)

  MacGyver is an ABC-TV action/adventure series from Henry Winkler /John Rich Productions in association with the Network Television Division of Paramount Pictures.

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