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MILLER, Bill and wife, Judy
(Still Standing)
Chicago, IL

William "Bill" is a department store toilet salesman. His company motto: "We're No 1 and No 2." Judy (née Michael) is a housewife and dental hygienist. They have been married for 15 years and are still in love. They met in high school and still act like kids at times despite the fact they have three children of their own -  Lauren, Brian and Tina. 

Bill & Judy Miller - STILL STANDING

Bill and Judy graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School in 1982. Bill mooned the audience when he picked up his diploma. Judy wasn't as popular with the "cool kids" except for the time she brought a vodka-filled pineapple to school. In high School, Judy had a reputation of being a bully and even made a point of calling a girl "Gina-so-smelly." Bill later attended the University of Illinois. But for only three weeks. He spent six months partying in the dorms, however. When Bill proposed to Judy, she simply said "What the hell!" Bill forgot to shave for the wedding. To keep their love life fresh, Judy is likely to show up at Bill's job on Valentine's Day wearing nothing but a trench coat and high heels.

With a blue collar, working-class background, Bill and Judy lean towards the basics in life like Hockey and fast food. Don't even mention Opera to them - they'd rather drink beer, eat pizza and watch a DVD at home. According to Judy, she's the smart one, while Bill is the wild one, the life of the party. The guy who will make funny faces with his belly.

Brian, Linda (Judy's sister), Judy, Tina, Bill, and Lauren

Bill tries to be a good dad but somehow doesn't always make the grade. After their kid got in trouble in school Judy and Bill spoke to the principal and always supportive Judy tells the principal "He's not a bad father. He's just a stupid, stupid man doing the best he can." When their son Brian needs counseling Bill pleads with Judy "Don't make me talk to him, I love him. I just don't understand him." Judy sympathies saying "Is he using big words again?" When Bill is giving his son Brian advice on how to talk to girls, he asks him if he wanted to be in the “wanna-touch-a-boobie club.” And while disciplining Lauren, Bill tells his daughter "Go to your room." Judy reminds her husband "She has a TV, VCR and stereo in her room." And so Bill quickly interjects "Go to my room."

The Millers kids are typical kids. Lauren is their intelligent but judgmental teenage daughter who thinks Mom and Dad are just so un-cool. Lauren, a red-head, enjoys drama and aspires to act in the school play. The middle son Brian is studious computer nerd, non-athletic, and doesn't have a clue about girls yet. He actually complains when his teenage sister Lauren has a slumber party filled with pajama wearing teens. But he eventually catches on and Joins the Cheerleading squad to be around the pretty girls. He attends Jefferson High School and participates in the Math Olympics. Brian is allergic to Penicillin and wears a a medic alert bracelet. The Miller's youngest, six-year old Tina is a free spirit who likes to run around the house without any clothes and still worships her parents.

Filling out the family is Judy's unmarried sister, Linda who hangs around the house, baby sits the kids and occasionally butts head with Bill. Linda loves to design and sell fashions for goose lawn ornaments.

The latest addition to the Miller family are Bill's parents. Recently divorced, his mother moved to Chicago and got an apartment to be near her son. She works in an adult video/porn shop and like many mothers is the master-of-the-guilt-trip. Bill's father, Al is a retired steelworker. He is a tough guy and always pushed his son to be a "Man." (which Bill hated). At the steel plant, Al was known for his ability to beat a man just enough so he could make it to work the next day. Once, Al took his "candy ass" son on a bow hunting trick. As a practical joke, Al put a fake arrow through his head to make Bill think he had killed him. Not surprisingly, Bill hates to go hunting. During one of Al's trip to Chicago, he ate a peanut that went down his wind pipe. Bill broke Al's rib giving him the Heimlich maneuver and sent him to hospital. Al is now a little scared of his son.


Mark Addy as Bill Miller
Jami Gertz as Judy Miller
Jennifer Irwin as Linda
Taylor Ball as Brian Miller
Renee Olstead as Lauren Miller
Soleil Borda as Tina Miller
Richard Kind as Dr. Gerber (Judy's Boss)
Sally Struthers as Mrs. Miller (Bill's Mom)
Paul Sorvino as Al Miller (Bill's Dad)

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