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PYLE, Goober
(The Andy Griffith Show)
Mayberry, NC

Goober is a car mechanic. He is single, childlike and works outside of town at Wally’s Filling Station for $1.25 an hour. Goober likes to read comic books, play checkers, hunt and fish and do impressions (very bad ones at that) of Cary Grant ("Judy, Judy, Judy, Judy”) and Edward G. Robinson (“OK, you guys. Beat it, you guys”). To get around Mayberry, Goober drives a red pickup truck (License: M379054).

George Lindsey as Goober Pyle - The Andy Griffith Show/Mayberry RFD

Goober was born and raised in Mayberry. He attended Mayberry High School where he played on the football team. After high school Goober trained to be an auto mechanic in Raleigh and then did a stint in the National Guard where he picked up the phrase “Yo.”

"Well I can't do William Holden he talks like everybody else."

Goober loves to eat pancakes and once won a pancake eating contest at the county fair by downing 57 pancakes in one sitting. Goober also won an arm wrestling contest four years in a row and a turkey shoot in Mt. Pilot two years running.

Goober’s favorite vegetable is corn on the cob; his favorite movie is The Monster That Ate Minnesota (he’s seen it ten times); and his favorite toy is a Teddy Bear named Buster. Over the years, Goober has owned as pets a skunk, a canary named Louise and a dog named Spot (without spots).

Although talented in many areas, Goober is shy and awkward when it comes to women. His romantic encounters included Lydia Crosswaith, Sheriff Andy Taylor’s cousin, Gloria from Siler City, Flora Matherbe, a diner waitress and Dr. Edith Gibson, a well-read intellectual that Goober met through a computer dating service. Goober had mislead the service with faulty information. For instance, "he reads 30 books per month" (comic books), and "enjoys sports" (bowling & pool).

"You don't sweat much for a fat girl."

Kindhearted, Goober is always willing to help out a person in need. Goober‘s affiliations included membership in The Regal Order of the Golden Door to Good Fellowship; a singer in the town choir; and the manager of Mayberry’s Little League baseball team (“The Giants”).

His cousin, Gomer Pyle also works at Wally’s Filling Station (he later joined the Marines). Gomer admired his cousin and once defended him saying “My cousin Goober ain’t stupid. He’s ugly, but he ain’t stupid.“ Coincidentally, Goober’s father also operated a gas station. And after working 11 and 3/4 years at Wally’s Fillin’ Station, Goober eventually purchased the station and became the proprietor (with financial backing from Andy and friends).

In his spare time, Goober likes to hang around the courthouse and chat with local sheriff Andy Taylor. Andy has deputized Goober on occasion to help out in a pinch. Once Andy even deputized Goober's cousin, Gomer who proceeded to cry "Citizen's Arrest! Citizen's Arrest!" when he saw Deputy Barney Fife perform an illegal U-turn on Main Street.

Now sometimes Goober can be irritating, but once he got so obnoxious that people in town began to avoid him. This occurred when he returned from a hunting trip wearing a beard he grew while in the woods. When someone mentioned that his new whiskers made Goober look intelligent and professorial, the remark went to Goober's pea-brained head and soon he began to act the part of a know-it-all philosopher sage. But his unsolicited advice and tidbits of personal wisdom soon distanced Goober from all of his friends. Luckily, Goober came to his senses, shaved off his beard and went back to pumping gas and reading comic books.

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