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SEAVER, Jason Roland & Maggie
(Growing Pains)
15 Robin Hood Lane
Huntington, Long Island, NY 11101

Jason is a psychiatrist. Born February 8th, he had worked for Long Island General Hospital before moving his practice to his home.

Jason and Maggie Seaver - GROWING PAINS

Margaret "Maggie" Katherine [nèe Malone] is a journalist recently returned to work. She had jobs for Newsweek magazine, the Long Island Daily Herald, Channel 19 Action News and as “Maggie Malone, Consumer Watchdog” for The Long Island Sentinel.

Jason and Maggie share their suburban home with their children: 15-year-old Mike, 14-year-old Carol, 9-year-old Ben and later daughter, Chrissy [she grew up from a baby to a 6-year-old in one season].

Michael “Mike” Aaron Seaver [called “a hormone with feet” by his mother] is a fast-talking con man and an aspiring actor. He attended Thomas E. Dewey High School, Alf Landon Junior College and Boynton State College. His best friends are Eddie and Richard “Boner” Stabone [he joined the Marines].

Carol Anne Seaver is the brain of the family, but she would rather be considered sexy. Carol attended Thomas E. Dewey High School and later transferred to Columbia University to study law. For a time, she worked for GSM Publishing.

Benjamin “Ben” Hubert Horatio Humphrey Seaver attended Wendell Wilkie Elementary School and later Thomas E. Dewey High School. He inherited his brother Mike’s penchant for getting into trouble and chasing girls.

Christine “Chrissy” Ellen Seaver is the youngest in the family. She is curly-haired, cute, precocious and has an imaginary friend named Ike.

The Seaver 
                                    Family: Mike, Jason, Chrissy, Maggie & Carol- GROWING PAINS
The early Seaver Family: Mike, Jason, Ben, Maggie & Carol

The Seaver family with Chrissy, the youngest and Luke - GROWING PAINS
The Seaver family with Chrissy, the youngest and Luke

The Seaver’s opened their home for a time to Luke Brower, a 16-year-old youth found living on the streets. And the Seaver’s in-laws occasionally visited the house. They included Jason’s perky widowed mother, Irma (her husband Neal died in 1987) and her new husband, Wally [whom Jason didn‘t like] as well as Maggie’s parent’s Ed [he died of a heart attack] and Kate Malone who lived in Boston.

In 1982, Maggie got offered a job in Washington DC as media relations director for US Senator Howard, and so the family moved to the Capital. Mike remained behind living above the garage at the Seaver’s home while Carol was at college.

On Maggie’s 30th anniversary, in the year 2000, Maggie is press secretary for a millionaire who's running for Congress. When he gets her fired, a defiant Maggie decides to run against him. Subsequently, the family moves back to Long Island and Jason Seaver, now a mystery novelist, rallies the family to support Maggie’s bid into politics.

By now, Mike is a savvy ad executive married to Kate McDonald (with 3 adopted kids from three races), Carol is a ruthless corporate attorney; Chrissie is a high school student and Ben is a failed entrepreneur who is now cleaning pools in Beverly Hills (and driving a junky car).

Of course, Maggie wins the election and becomes the new senator for Washington, D.C. Meanwhile, Carol secretly dated Craig, Maggie's rival campaign manager (who later married Carol), and Ben began a relationship with an African-American woman whom he met on the campaign trail.

The whole election was recorded by Chrissie who submitted her completed video as a documentary for her high school assignment. She got an A+.


Alan Thicke as Dr. Jason Seaver
Joanna Kerns as Maggie Seaver
Kirk Cameron as Mike Seaver
Tracey Gold as Carol Seaver
Jeremy Miller as Ben Seaver
Ashley Johnson as Chrissy Seaver
Leonardo DiCaprio as Luke Brower

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